Why are faux flowers and artificial plants back on trend?

Once upon a time fake flowers and plants were seen as tacky and way out of fashion. Well, not any longer. And there are actually several reasons why.





Although it may be contradictory, today fake flowers and plants are actually blooming more than ever. Along with the botanical trend, which has been dominating the past years and continues to do so, the faux flowers and artificial plants are bringing so much beauty and calmness into our home decoration. But why use the fake ones instead of the real deal? 


Faux flowers and plants are everlasting and more realistic than ever


When you try to envision artificial flowers and plants from days past, many would think back on them as a hideous plastic nightmare that didn't have anything to do with real flowers and plants. This isn't the case anymore.

Today you will find lots of really beautiful and handmade fake plants and flowers, which will amaze you because of their remarkable convincingness. They really look like you've just picked them from the garden. And they are not only realistic for the eye to see. Today the materials that are used to create the stems and petals are in such high quality and often made from silk, which makes you think they are real when you touch them. 

When suddenly you have the opportunity to get the same realistic feel from artificial flowers and plants, it really becomes a huge advantage, that you don't need green fingers to keep them.

They might be more expensive than the real ones but buying them once also means that you can keep them forever. In our modern day lifestyle, we seek to surround ourselves with things that fit into a hectic everyday life. This means that we seek for things that give us certain flexibility and don't require more than what we can handle. Faux flowers and plants is a great answer to that.


Mixing dried flowers with faux flowers


The love for all the advantages and beauty of faux flowers doesn't necessarily exclude using real flowers and plants in your home decoration. In fact, right now we see more and more beautiful examples of how you can combine the best of both. 

Dried flowers are right now finding their way into our homes and it is not because we are just forgetting to water them. They are being used as a magnificent decoration piece, that almost has a sculptural expression. They are a reminder of all the beauty nature gives us and that beauty can be found in all stages of life. 

Mixing dried flowers and plants with the artificial ones opens up for a lot of creative options that really show how beautiful it can be when you play with things that are contrasts to each other. The dried plants and flowers and their beautiful faded colours of green, yellow, orange and brown create a beautiful colour palette that really highlights the beauty of your faux blooms. 

So don't be afraid to mix dried flowers and plants along with your faux ones. They compliment each other in the most stunning way and conveniently none of them requires much effort from you to look after them.

Artificial flowers and plants are not just back in business. They bring business.


The popularity of faux flowers and artificial plants has not only been noticed within the interior design community. It has actually given new and exiting business opportunities.

British interior design guru Abigail Ahern is known as one of the most influential tastemakers among interior design aficionados. With her own signature style where she combines a dark inky colour palette with a laidback mix of eclecticism and glamour, she has won over design insiders, press and celebrity clientele like actress Gwyneth Paltrow. For Abigail faux flowers has become an essential part of her brand and something she has been developing on the last few years.

"I have a sister, who is a partner in the business and is a florist, who has worked with real flowers for 20 years. We spent a lot of time in creating incredibly realistic blooms, that are handpainted and look incredibly beautiful. And then so many people around the world found us over Instagram and started getting involved. So it has kind of expanded into the biggest part of our business now, which is exciting."

Just a few years back no one would have guessed that faux flowers and plants would make a comeback, but as we see within fashion right now there is a certain desire to mind the past for those things that might have been unfairly judged and therefore dismissed back in the day. It's all about finding the potential and to innovate on those things, we thought we'd said goodbye to and bring them back to life in a new exciting and inspiring way.


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