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In 2019 we will have a lot more focus on sustainable materials because we want to take good care of our planet. As humans, we have become very conscious about the massive pollution our earth is experiencing. As individuals, we have to try and make a personal difference in our everyday life. Because of this, we have also become more aware of our consumption, our choice of food and interior design.



We want to contribute to better conditions for both animals and humans, but also when products are being made. In our society today, we often talk about how nature inspire us. Because of that, it is really important to think about how we use the resources from nature without straining the environment.

Rustic feels

In interior design, it is a growing trend that the wood becomes darker and darker, the completely white surfaces slowly become less popular. This year the wood needs to be dark, rustic and most importantly tell a good story about how the natural material is processed, where it is from originally and who have done the work by hand.

A brown shelf on a grey wall with a green plant next to it.

Sustainable and natural materials

Handmade products are a really popular trend, because of the background of the reliability the products add by not being made of machines but real people. While focusing on traditional handcraft it gives the interior design a touch of originality and radiates authenticity.

We want to be able to see that the products are handmade, which is why we embrace the little imperfections. We want to see that a bottle is blown by mouth and that the pot is made in a pottery workshop. We want to be able to see that the carpet has been woven by hand. We also want to know the great story behind the unique products as this adds an extra layer of meaning and relation to choosing that exact product.

A couple of great examples of natural sustainable products are bamboo and rattan. Rattan is one of the strongest woods and can grow up to 30 meters high. Rattan can be bent and curved in many ways, which is why it has become so popular to use in interior design. Bamboo is very strong as well and can withstand everyday use. Bamboo’s tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. Bamboo fibres are also used to strengthen composite materials. Furniture made of bamboo can be used both indoor and outdoor. The reason is that bamboo does not swell or shrink and because of that bamboo furniture can withstand any change in humidity.

Bamboo daybed with black mattress and sandy brown cushions and a green plant next to it.

Natural materials processed with tactile surfaces

We seek these grounding elements in our homes as a way to feel calm and more in touch with the earth and our roots. It has become very important that we can sense the nature - fx by touching the tactile surfaces of our furniture.

A very popular natural material is terracotta, which is a ceramic earthenware that is very much like clay. In interior design, terracotta is often used to make beautiful flowerpots. Terracotta can be moulded into various shapes, which makes it very popular in interior design.

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The raw home is crafted with artisanal honesty, celebrating the beauty of natural materials – the unprocessed and the imperfect. Earthbound neutrals meet and enhance more vibrant nuances, creating strong lines, fresh looks, and spaces that nourish creative possibility.” - Jotun

Coloured glass and transparency

We will see a lot more of coloured glass and transparent materials in 2019. The transparent look gives more air in the interior design. It can be in glass in vases, lamps, pendants, furniture and so much more. Glass has been a part of our home décor for a long time and coloured glass has now taken over our homes. It adds a unique touch to any home décor style and is something we will see a lot more of in 2019.

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Dried flowers

Green plants have been a big trend in interior design for many years and will continue to be so. However, in 2019 we will see a growing trend of dried flowers everywhere. The dried flowers will often be decorated in unique and handmade vases produced with raw natural materials. The dried flowers add soul and personality to a room. As a consumer trend, we now see a growing interest in respecting nature and its authentic beauty.

Nature is filled with a large selection of beautiful flowers, branches and leaves in authentic colours. Flowers in green, brown, orange and red nuances have been a huge trend for a long time, and the dried flowers fit perfectly into this year’s trend of dried flowers. There are many advantages by decorating with dried flowers – they have a neutral scent and faded colour and fits into the interior design regardless of the season. We want to bring nature and aesthetics into our homes, and in this case, dried flowers are both a long-term and beautiful solution. 

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Flowers with a low liquid content are often easier to dry while still keeping the colour. A great substitute for dried flowers is artificial flowers. If you are feeling creative, you can mix dried flowers with artificial flowers and give a whole new look to your interior design.


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At Lene Bjerre, we are proud to make nature a part of our DNA.

We put a great focus on the sustainable universe and we love to invite nature’s organic shapes and materials into our homes.

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