Why use OEKO-TEX® textiles in your home?

The world is in motion and we all have to adapt to the new changes and trends. Meeting new demands and expectations from consumers is key to any consumer-centric brand.

Combining the traditional and elegant with new sustainable standards is what drives Lene Bjerre. One of these new standards that we wish to meet is the OEKO-TEX® certificate to textiles.

But why is OEKO-TEX® important to us? Two words: comfort and security!

Let us tell you why the OEKO-TEX® certificate is essential to our home textiles


Decorate your home with OEKO-TEX® textiles - Lene Bjerre

Textiles that you want to feel and fall in love with - and now you can wrap yourself in our towels with an even better consciousness: The OEKO-TEX® certificate is a promise to you that the textiles have NOT been treated with any harmful chemicals!

Feel the freedom to choose a sustainable path together with Lene Bjerre.

Cuddle up with soft OEKO-TEX® inner cushions

The home is our sanctuary. We seek refugee from the busy environment around us - and we need a cosy spot in our homes where comfort and relaxation are to be found. Bring that feeling of wellbeing to your home with a bunch of soft cushions in your living room!

At Lene Bjerre, we are proud of our long tradition within designing high-quality cushions for the home. Our passion is to combine our design DNA with the interior trends of tomorrow. And in a world with an emphasis on sustainable pathways and social responsibility, we want to make our contribution to providing the people of Earth with home textiles that have a positive impact on the environment.

The Lene Bjerre cushion is a well-balanced mixture of a gorgeous cushion case with a soft OEKO-TEX® inner cushion. By choosing an inner cushion with this sought after certificate gives you the opportunity to create a better indoor environment. The restricted use of any chemicals that can be harmful to your health or skin ensure that you can decorate your home with good conscious. 


Under every gorgeous cushion case, you will find an OEKO-TEX® certified inner cushion.

Surround yourself with healthy and high-quality textiles

Did you know that you can find a great selection of different textiles from Lene Bjerre that have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate? Our range stretches from soft towels for the bathroom to romantic curtains for your bedroom.

Have you seen our Emory rug made of OEKO-TEX® certified viscose yarn? Read more about the rug here.

We wish to be able to offer you a lot of textiles choices so that you can decorate a home with a healthier indoor environment. By removing all of the harmful chemicals from your home textiles, you will create an indoor hub that is much better for you and your guests' health. Swap out any non-certified home textiles with OEKO-TEX® alternatives and promote your home as an ecologically friendly sanctuary.

Upper left corner: The detailed fabric from our OEKO-TEX® certified Laurie series.
Upper right corner: One of decorated cushions cases with an OEKO-TEX® certified inner cushion underneath. 
Lower left corner: The elegant and classic OEKO-TEX® certified fabric from the Bilia series.
Lower right corner: Our romantic Petrea curtain is both OEKO-TEX® certified and stunning.


FAQs about OEKO-TEX® and Lene Bjerre:

What is OEKO-TEX®?

OEKO-TEX® is a certificate that is given to textiles that are produced with no harmful chemicals. It means that the producers should comply with a long series of requirements about how they manufacture their textiles. They are not allowed to use pesticides, chemical residues, or heavy metals.

What does OEKO-TEX® mean to your home decorations?

By choosing home textiles that are OEKO-TEX® certified, you ensure that you can decorate a home with good consciousness. Your textiles such as cushions, tablecloth or curtains are therefore not treated with any harmful chemicals. You also make sure that the textiles are manufactured under good working conditions.

Why is OEKO-TEX® important to Lene Bjerre?

Because an OEKO-TEX® certificate on our textiles means that our producer ensures that every worker has good working conditions and access to a fair salary. OEKO-TEX® producers also prioritize equality among the workers and of course that no harmful chemicals are used in the production.

Why should an inner cushion have an OEKO-TEX® certificate?

At Lene Bjerre, we have chosen to certify all our inner cushions under our cushion cases with an OEKO-TEX® certificate. An OEKO-TEX® certified inner cushion has many benefits compared to regular inner cushions. Most importantly our inner cushions have not been treated with any harmful chemicals.

Is an OEKO-TEX® towel better for my skin?

As an OEKO-TEX® certified towel complies with all of the requirements of not using any harmful chemicals in the production, your skin will not get exposed to chemicals that may cause skin irritation. And the towel is still as soft as a non-certified one or even more.

What are the OEKO-TEX® inner cushions from Lene Bjerre made of?

All OEKO-TEX® inner cushions are filled with duck feathers and the case is made of 100% cotton. This makes the cushion very soft under the stunning cushion case.

How do you wash our OEKO-TEX® inner cushions?

You can wash the inner cushion at 30 degrees celcius. You cannot bleach the inner cushion. It can be dried in a dryer at low temperatures on maximum 50 degrees celsius.

Interested in our OEKO-TEX® certified textiles?

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