6 Interior Trends to watch for in 2019

A new year is synonymous with renewal and change. We have looked through the crystal ball to predict the hottest interior trends for 2019 to watch for.

Lene Bjerre lamp in rustic design.

The time has been flying past and as we can see the end off 2018, we also look forward to a new year with new exciting interior trends. A new year is synonymous with renewal and change and 2019 will be a year with a great mix of trends that will bring interior design into some new and edgy directions. 

1. Stimulate your senses with tactile interior

Due to the rapidly growing digitization, we as humans long for the basic values. We seek home. Home to the close and authentic. Home to our personal base, where we feel safe and comfortable. We want more than ever a deeper emotional connection to products and surroundings, which can touch our senses or allow for self-reflection. The tactile sense makes us curious and gives us the urge to discover by using all our senses to fall in love with new products.

When decorating a home in 2019, surfaces, structures and textures are all important elements when choosing the right products. Products should activate our tactile sense getting our hands to stop and get curious about the story of the products. The use of tactile materials that speak to our senses has a natural comport-generating and calming effect on our minds. We choose products with raw and imperfect details, that speak to our senses and tell their story.

Flowerpots and vases designed with tactile surfacesFlowerpots and vases designed with tactile surfaces and raw structures - Photo from the SS19 collection by Lene Bjerre

2. Tell a story with traditional craftsmanship & handmade design

The love for traditional craftsmanship and handmade design will continue to be a huge interior trend in 2019. Values like sustainability, craftsmanship and the natural will be some of the buzzwords 2019 will be characterized by. Tendencies show, that we as individuals want to symbolize that we care about nature, by buying ecology and choose natural materials when decorating our home. In addition, there also is an increasing trend in modern society, that we want to live a natural and simple life.

We value handmade products with a good story and a personal expression because it reflects trustworthy design. We love that there are people behind the manufacturing processes of the products, which makes each product unique and adds a good story. Handmade products are more and more loved because of their uniqueness and imperfection, with the increasing popularity of handmade products. In 2019 the product design trend goes towards imperfection, tactile and handmade qualities. 

Lene Bjerre peacock chair made in sustainable rattan
Handmade chair in Rattan - Photo from the SS19 collection by Lene Bjerre

3. Be inspired by Art Nouveau with a modern touch

The floral trend is blooming! In 2019 the floral look will be characterized as sophisticated. Winter florals and botanicals are both trends to stay in 2019. In 2019 we will see this trend in luxury floral fabrics and wallpapers with inspiration from the luxury Art Nouveau with a modern touch. 

Art Nouveau 'french for "New Art"' is an international style of Art, architecture and fashion. The style was inspired by natural forms and structures and the beauty of the curves of plants and flowers. 

The illustrative and nature-focused style of Art Nouveau with an inspiration of the Art and Crafts movement, updated with a modern touch will find its place in interior design 2019. The Arts and Craft movement was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts that began in Britain and flourished in Europe and North America about 1880-1920. The Arts and Crafts movement stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms, and often used medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. It was essentially anti-industrial. The Art Nouveau style belonged under this movement and the designer William Morris, was a huge inspiration of the time, with his wallpaper and carpet design with curved lines of plants and flowers. In 2019 we will see this print be visualized on large surfaces, on wallpaper and as print on different types of fabrics.

William Morris' print inspired by the style Art NouveauPhoto of a wallpaper design made by William Morris

4. Embrace the beauty of natural materials and the fascination with nature

The natural trend is all about organic structures and tactile finishes. Sustainable and natural materials are going to be a huge interior trend in 2019. We embrace the beauty of natural materials, that gives us a sense of something original and genuine, of calm and homeliness. By decorating with natural elements it creates an atmosphere of peace of mind in term of their connection to nature and through all the natural structures that appeal to the tactile senses.

In 2019 we can look forward to bring furniture design made from the sustainable materials bamboo and rattan inside our homes. We will also see the use of sustainable materials in other home decor products, as for example in woven baskets made in natural materials and flowerpots manufactured in terracotta. 

Lene Bjerre artificial plants and flowers in rustic flowerpotsFlowers and plants in flowerpots made of natural materials - Photo from the SS19 collection by Lene Bjerre

5. Use a colour palette of earthy tones and warm neutrals

As the clean, white Scandinavian trend becomes less and less popular, warm neutrals are now becoming the basic trend colours to use in 2019. These colours are gorgeous because these nuances will carry through into the colder seasons and last far longer than some of the bolder trends.

Natural nuances of brown, sandy shades and earthy tones like rusty reds and terracotta will be colours that embrace our home in 2019. What we love about using earthy tones and warm neutrals, is that they can be mixed with a large colour palette of other basic and trend colours just the way you like. These colours add a soft, warm and calm atmosphere to the interior design in a fine way.  

Lene Bjerre cushions in earthy tones and warm neutralsCushions in earthy tones and warm neutrals - Photo from the SS19 collection by Lene Bjerre

6. Invite global design inside

One of the greatest social trends we see worldwide today is the fusion across different cultures when it comes to fashion and interior design. Also in 2019 will the beauty of the exotic design be embraced in modern interior design. This trend is focused on cultural roots, authenticity and respect for good craftsmanship and handmade design.

For Spring | Summer 2019 modern interior design will be characterized by a fusion of Scandinavian and African inspired design. Africa is a beautiful place, with a rich cultural heritage and is characterized by unique design elements. Scandinavian interior design in a fine interplay with authentic African design will create a modern, sophisticated and luxury touch.

Lene Bjerre furniture design designed with global inspirationAfrican inspired interior - Photo from the SS19 collection by Lene Bjerre

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