Design & Consumer trend 2019

The desire for trustworthy interior design

"Imagine holding a braided basket in your hands and almost have the feeling of how the natural material has being processed and afterwards braided by skilful artisans. Form pictures in your head of the women working on the baskets from their homes while taking care of their family" - This is the feeling of trustworthy design!



Why trust?

Through a time where political instability is a reality and causes uncertainty in our society, trust has never been a more relevant topic than it is now. Both the trust we show towards each other as individuals, but also the trust we as people have towards brands and the society in general. Typically, when we talk about trust, it is the trust of cohesion between individuals, but because of that uncertainty the society fills us with, this season we will seek for this feeling of trust in brands and interior products as well.

Interior design will in 2019 reflect trust and embrace honest design, which we as humans can relate to. We want designs to tell us a unique story of why, how, where and by whom it is created. The market for interior products is huge and exists within many different design and quality parameters. Due to the huge supply of interior products, products have to be more than just exclusive design and nice to have. We as consumers have become more curious about designs from a personal perspective and we want to show our personality when decorating our homes. We value the unique story about the products and we want to be able to relate to it before buying it.

The experience of trustworthy design in interior design 2019

This season, we will experience the trend of trustworthy design through different trend directions. In interior design 2019, we strive to decorate our home with products that make us feel safe, calm down and feel trust. This season interior design will be characterized by details, patterns, colours and textures, that all contribute to a soothing and calming effect.

Trustworthy design should contribute to a lifestyle, where we want to achieve sympathy, honesty, harmony and a free spirit with room for playful design. 

1. Hands and ideas united in storytelling design

In this design theme, we will embrace designs that exude a warmth atmosphere, where community and unique design processes are highly valued. Design techniques, materials, hands, humans and ideas unite in the most beautiful way and the composition of these elements together will create a whole new expression in the products. The beautiful aspect in products of this design theme arises in the interaction between the digital, recognizable and classic touch.

The respect for unique materials and good craftsmanship creates trustworthy design and a high degree of value. The process of creating the products and the awareness of choosing the right materials are both important processes. Interior design is developed and created with a focus on quality and a great understanding of the chosen material. We are looking for designs that have a unique story behind and products, that is not only seasonal but long-lasting objects for our home.

"Trust in humans & good craftsmanship"

The love for handmade products is still essential for us when shopping interior products for our home. Due to the digitalization and busy everyday life to many, we are longing for trustworthy design and design with a unique story. We love products with small imperfections because it shows that it is unique products due to the hands behind. Products with imperfections are beautiful and we emphasize storytelling products high. Not just the general superficial story. We want to know everything about the products to the smallest details. We want to know about how each little pearl is sewn on the cushion, how each bamboo cane is worked within the manufacturing process. It is important to us, that we can relate to the products and that we are able to create an inner picture of where the products come from and who is behind it. 

Handcrafted and storytelling design by Lene BjerreHandcrafted & storytelling design by Lene Bjerre

2. Emotions reflected in interior design with love for the beauty of nature

In this design theme, we find trust in the beauty of nature. Along with the analogue longing and the longing for basic values in our lives, we are increasingly finding trust in nature and emphasizing sustainability high – also when decorating our homes. The recognizable in the natural surroundings create a feeling of trust and credibility to us as humans.

We are inspired by the structures, textures, surfaces, colour nuances and shapes, all reflected by nature. When thinking, creating and developing designs, we imagine walking in the wood, hearing the sounds as we step through the forest floor, feeling the warmth of the sun shining through the trees, see the play of colours and nuances in the leaves, and putting all these impressions into unique design objects. Emotions and impressions reflected in design are what it’s all about. 

Our home is our private oasis, where peace of mind and trust are essential. In design, we have an increased focus on using our senses and get our tactile sense stimulated. The tactile sense can be described as "the sense of touch", and makes us use our senses to consider products, instead of only using our eyes when holding it. The tactile sense makes us curious and gives us the urge to discover the small imperfection and the structures, by using all our senses.

Today we are all very aware of sustainability and it is an expectation for us as humans, that everyone makes an effort for sustainability. We are all fully aware that none of us can be 100% sustainable, but it is important for us to make a difference where we can and pay tribute to the beauty of nature.

Design with tactile surfaces inspired by natureDesign inspired by nature with love for tactile details by Lene Bjerre

3. Playful and vibrant design inspired by creativity, colours and crooked ideas

Creativity, crooked ideas and a wide colour palette are the essence of this trend theme. Design exudes identity, confidence and challenges us to create our own personal interior style. When decorating with these products, we find trust in ourselves, because we dare to experiment with our personal interior style. 

When thinking and creating playful interior design, the primary focus is on joy and play in a combination of crooked ideas and courage. The expression of products in this trend theme may appear random but is all made with care. Design objects are often developed and created with the purpose of paying tribute to old classics within design, and rethink them in a new interpretation, created with a colourful, positive and creative approach. 

In this trend theme, we are invited to find into our creative side in an otherwise stressed everyday life. Thoughts and ideas are taken down to a playful stage, where we do not feel afraid to make mistakes. Products are created with confidence, self-esteem and with a passion for new and playful ideas.  We challenge our personal comfort zone with great attention to an artistic approach. The colourful design creates joy and a vibrant atmosphere in the room. Design in this trend theme can easily be an eye-catching object in the room, which captures a very special mood. 

Playful interior designPlayful design by Lene Bjerre

4. Recognizable classic design explored by new impressions

Classic design as we know it, will in this trend theme be explored by new elements, to make them look trendy and contemporary. Interior products will be characterized by the interaction between the recognizable, classic design spiced up with a new trendy look, new exciting shapes and an exclusive look. In interior design, the focus will be on flexibility that is intelligently built into the products by new techniques. 

When designing new interior products, focus are on exploring classic beauty, cut and design. The use of organic shapes being twisted in new stylish ways is characteristic and invites to a curious approach. Being true to the classic cut or element gets a new chance in a new interpretation, that exudes tranquillity and honesty. The recognisability of the designs creates a feeling of trust for us as humans, while allowing us decorating in a new trendy way.

Furniture design with golden detailsExpressive design by Lene Bjerre

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