Trend colours within interior design 2019

Our homes are our personal galleries, where we reveal our personality – the place we store and showcase our hopes, dreams and memories. We use different colour combinations to create striking effects and unexpected moments.



Energy and optimism reflected in the colour trend of the year

Colours within interior design affect our lives more than we consciously realise. Colours reflect our personality, our mood and who we are, both in the way we use colours decorating our home, the choice of colours at our clothes and how we use colours to stand out from the majority. Colours in the home must be aligned and harmonized and the right use of colours can contribute to a consistent red thread through your entire interior design and create cohesion between the rooms. It has been proven that colours have a psychological impact on our well being, why choosing the right colours for our home is essential.

Colours within interior design will in 2019 be characterized by increased energy and optimism and we will experience a wide variety of different colour nuances. The space is yours to create. Break with the standards, avoid the expected and experiment with surprising new colour combinations to reflect your own identity and tell your own story.

Warm neutrals

This year we will see a trend of less white minimalistic products in our home in favour of warmer neutral nuances, like the colours, creamy, beige, soft white and delicate brown nuances. In a society where a stressed everyday life is a reality, the warm neutrals are perfect colours to make us calm down and find inner peace. Warm neutral colours make us feel comfortable and are all colours that are recognizable for us. The warm neutrals create a fine and honest harmony between the different rooms of the home.

Warm neutral colours contribute to calm spaces and the focus on the beauty in simplicity creates timeless spaces where the mind can be free and clear. Warm neutral colours have the ability to create a special cohesion in a home and give the opportunity of play with eye-catching design pieces.

Warm soft colour nuances contribute to warm subtle contrasts. Focus on the beautiful and simple, creates timeless spaces characterized by clarity and freedom and a palette of neutral warm colours will always create an inspiring space. Combine the warm neutrals with powerful accent colours to create striking effects and exciting spaces filled with personality.

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Saturated blue & green

Colours for Autumn | Winter 2019 will be characterized by saturated colours of green and blue, all with inspiration from the colours of nature. Nature never goes out of fashion, because of the recognizable atmosphere they contribute to. We as humans are fascinated by the beauty of nature and the peace of mind nature contributes to. Saturated blue has a huge variety of shades and can be associated with the mysterious and intriguing shades of the night and the deep sea. Blue as a truly natural colour of the sky, the sea and wild flowers invites nature inside in a fine and distinct way. The shades of blue will this year appear as a gender-neutral colour. 

All shades of green that relates to nature will be trendy this year and for the next years as well. Saturated nuances of green embrace the beauty of life and the love for the elements of nature. The colour is timeless and exudes a calm and natural atmosphere. Green plants are still a huge trend within interior design in 2019 and bring life and a natural aspect into our home. Plants and flowers clean the air and give us renewed energy with the scent of nature. A beautiful deep green colour nuance is named by Dyrup as the colour of the year 2019. 


Soft pastels and delicate colours

Soft pastels are comfortable colours to surround yourself with and works well as basic colours. Soft shades of pastel colours, create a warm atmosphere and balance in the interior design and are beautiful in combination, either as tone-in-tone or alone. These colours create lightness and light in your home and fit perfectly with a Nordic interior style.

Soft hues of blue and purple will be characterized as some of the most trendy colours for 2019. Blue will be characterized by its soft nuances with a touch of grey or purple undertones, that makes the colours feel light and dreamy. Purple was named as the colour of the year 2018 by Pantone and is expected to prevail in 2019 as well. This year the purple colour will be characterized by soft and milky shades, that still have rich energy, but with mellowed intensity, that makes the shade more versatile. 

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Earthy tones of browns & dusty reds

Due to the increasing urban tendency, we are less connected to the earth beneath our feet, why it is only natural that we should seek to reground ourselves, creating modern rustic spaces inspired by the colours of nature. The rustic earthy nuances create a deep, warm and delightful expression and are a perfect choice for those who love the 70's inspired interior style. For those who want a more elemental, nature-inspired hue with a contemporary twist in their home, soft nuances of terracotta will be a perfect choice. The colours add a calm and cosy mood, that invites to soft relational moments. 

The warm earthy colours of browns & dusty reds form together a refine and rustic expression with a relaxing atmosphere. The colours provide the organic reassurance of the raw and the real; a strong but never overpowering style and a relaxed down-to-earth atmosphere.

Browns & dusty reds-870x500 (2)

Playful colours

When it comes to colourful interior design we have become more courageous and adventurous. 2019 opens up a colourful year, which gives us endless possibilities when it comes to decorating our homes just the way we want. The colourful trend occurred from the fashion industry and has now found its way into the interior industry. 

This year Pantone introduced their colour of the year 2019, Living Coral. On their Instagram, they describe the colour as "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression". This colour is a perfect example of a playful colour for 2019.

Yellow is also a colour to be seen in the interior this year on several interior objects. Yellow is associated with happiness and brightening our day, stimulating feelings of joy and good cheer. Within interior, the nuances of yellow will be characterized as effervescent and perky, and as a perfect colour for eye-catching interior objects.

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The desire for trustworthy design

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Interior design will in 2019 reflect trust and embrace honest design, which we as humans can relate to. We want designs to tell us a unique story of why, how, where and by whom it is created.

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