Why use bamboo for home interior?

The environmental footprint on the planet means everything to us. We care about every action that we take and how it impacts our precious planet. One of the steps that we take is to offer more home interior items made of bamboo!

Bamboo is both a strong and durable material that releases 35% more oxygen than other wood types.

At Lene Bjerre, we strive to become one of the best bamboo furniture wholesalers. How do we achieve that? By continuing to broaden our passion and dedication in imbuing our product range with sustainable materials. 

Read about why we see bamboo as one of our "go-to" materials for especially our outdoor furniture.


Why choose bamboo furniture from wholesaler Lene Bjerre

Every furniture idea can be turned into something remarkable with bamboo - and the environment will benefit from it too!

By converting to bamboo wood you will help against deforestation as the bamboo plant will grow much faster than other tree and plants in the forest.

"Choose a more sustainable path together with us!"

The story of bamboo furniture & interior

Bamboo is not just some regular material. It has a long history of being used for furniture and interior in the homes of people around the world. At Lene Bjerre, the greatest story about bamboo to us is its durability and eco-friendliness to the environment.
For many years, bamboo has been used as a building material for construction, textiles, weapons, and as a writing surface. It has also been used to make musical instruments. The use of bamboo for furniture has a long history in especially a lot of Asian furniture. In China, the creation of bamboo furniture has been a noticeable style based on a tradition for millennia. An archaeological excavation in Japan has discovered bamboo baskets that dates all the way back to the period of Late Jōmon (2000 – 1000 BC). You could say that the bamboo interior has been around for some years.
Bamboo has different symbolic meanings to some people. To the Indians, bamboo is a symbol of friendship. To a Chinese, bamboo is a symbol of uprightness. The inhabitants on the island of Saint Lucia in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea has bamboo as its national plant.
The use of bamboo as wood material for furniture as historically been because of its strength, durability, and versatility. Bamboo is also by nature easy to maintain and clean because of its surface. Bamboo material is in fact antibacterial. This means you do not have to use any chemicals on your bamboo furniture, it will remove any bacteria found on the wood by itself. The extreme resistance of bamboo makes it ideal for light, but sturdy chairs, couches, or benches. The Japanese have been known for using bamboo for example chopping boards and other utensils.
At Lene Bjerre, our own story with bamboo furniture really took off with the release of our Mandisa bamboo furniture series. In 2016, we designed our first bamboo furniture for our Spring | Summer collection. It was a bamboo table, folding chair, lounger, bench, daybed, a shelf ladder, and a bamboo parasol.


The first bamboo furniture from our Mandisa series - Lene Bjerre

Some of the first bamboo furniture from the Mandisa series.


Some of the bamboo furniture from the Mandisa series are still in our collection (except the lounger) due to their timeless and sturdy design.
One of our favorites is the Mandisa daybed. The daybed is a tribute to relaxation. The daybed is a thousand-year tribute to relaxation and the origin dates back to ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Daybeds had its heyday in the '40s and '50s but have now become modern furniture in modern interior design.
Do you want to know more about our Mandisa collection? – you can find more information about it here.
Bamboo products have become very popular in recent years – as people are becoming more and more eco-friendly and want to promote eco-friendly homes. Because of the rapid growth in popularity as a material, bamboo can be used to replace many types of hardwood and plastic. It is today used for:
  • Material for buildings, roads, and bridges
  • Medicine
  • Textile production
  • Furniture and interior
  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Paper products
  • Tableware

Bamboo is entering the everyday life of people on the planet – why not join the movement towards an eco-friendly home with bamboo furniture?


Mandisa bamboo furniture from wholesaler Lene Bjerre

The Mandisa chair is the perfect option for a cosy tanning spot in the sun. Decorate it with home decor such as cushions, and a throw.

Why is bamboo furniture sustainable?

As a result of a movement towards sustainability, bamboo has become increasingly popular in recent years. Bamboo is deemed as a renewable and eco-friendly source of the material. Some of the main reasons are:
  • That it can be harvest in 1-5 years depending on the species. An oak tree can take up to 40-50 years before it can be harvested.

  • Bamboo does not require replanting – after harvest, it will grow a new shoot from the existing root.

  • That it is a fast-growing plant species. It can grow from 20 cm to 1 meter per day depending on the bamboo species. When full-grown, some bamboo plants can be up to 40 meters high and 30 cm thick.

  • It can grow almost everywhere and do not need the use of any fertilizers to grow. The fallen leaves are actually enough to provide the bamboo plant with the essential nutrients.

  • No chemicals are needed to protect the bamboo as it is anti-bacterial. This means your bamboo furniture will be better protected and more durable.

  • Bamboo plants can absorb up to 35% more greenhouse gases than most common tree species. This aid in reducing the CO2 from the atmosphere.


There is no doubt that bamboo in some cases is better to be used for some types of furniture instead of using traditional wood sources.

As several of our products are produced by wood and other natural materials, we believe that we have a responsibility to only use materials that have been carefully chosen by our suppliers. These materials must be produced with a focus on using fast-growing tree sorts, like for example, bamboo, rattan, or abaca. We make sure that our suppliers do not cut down forest fast than it can regrow. This ensures that there are enough trees to store the carbon dioxide released from the production.

We want to wholesale bamboo furniture that perhaps in the future can replace some of the less sustainable materials used for furniture.


Watch the video with bamboo furniture from Lene Bjerre:

Mandisa SS21

See how bamboo furniture can give your home a lovely atmosphere from the natural and organic look.


Bamboo furniture that supports local communities

At Lene Bjerre, we use bamboo for our Mandisa furniture from native bamboo plants that grow naturally in Vietnam. The cultivation and harvesting of the bamboo plants and manufacturing of bamboo furniture are done by our local suppliers. They provide job opportunities in less developed countries. Collaboration with these local artisans is key to us! Their skilled hands have shaped gorgeous and aesthetic bamboo furniture for decades – and this kind of expertise is what we are looking for. To us, it is a combination of finding suppliers that can deliver high-quality furniture and still being able to support the local communities where the bamboo furniture is produced.


Bamboo furniture is made to last

Bamboo is tougher than most materials. In fact, bamboo is stronger than steel. According to studies, bamboo has a tensile strength of roughly 28,000 per square inch in relation to steel that has a tensile strength of 23,000. What does that mean? Well, it means that bamboo is strong and ideal for building sturdy furniture. And the natural colors and organic shapes gives your bamboo furniture an aesthetic appeal in the room you place it in. However, the best characteristics of bamboo is that the energy needed to produce it is 50 times less compared to the production of steel!

We believe that switching to bamboo from other wood types will have a more positive impact on the environment.


Why we choose bamboo for our furniture? [Video]

LeneBjerre_Virtual Studio_Made by Virsabi


Go for the natural look with Mandisa

Bamboo is the main building material for our outdoor furniture series, Mandisa. The natural and organic bends and shapes to bamboo makes each piece of furniture in this series stand out from one and another. It imbues the interior with life and character and make you want to touch it. You can feel the high-quality craftsmanship when you move your hand along the hand-shaped bamboo wood. 

The Mandisa series is designed to last for many years. Even though each piece of bamboo bends a little, the frame is very sturdy due to the natural strength of bamboo. The furniture will therefore feel and look robust. 

The couch, daybed and chair will come with a soft canvas cushion that will make the summer days in the garden feel like heaven! You can also add a bunch of soft decorative cushion and a soft throw when the sun sets over the Summer landscape.


"Convert to a greener and natural alternative with furniture made of bamboo!"



Our iconic Mandisa bamboo couch with a bunch of cushions that have an OEKO-TEX® certified inner cushion underneath.


Spend time in nature with Mandisa

One of the best features of bamboo furniture is that you feel nature surrounds you instantly. The aesthetic shapes of the bamboo canes will add some character to the furniture and imbue your terrace with a cosy mood. The charm of bamboo furniture lay in the small imperfections that we tie to the look in nature. Not two trees or plants will look similar. It is the same thing with bamboo furniture - you will not find two pieces that look the same. It is nature's guarantee for an organic, personal, and unique look to each piece of bamboo material.

Move outside on the terrace or in the garden. Create your own cosy garden hub with sturdy bamboo furniture and enjoy the sunny rays. The Mandisa couch and chairs will make the perfect garden furniture arrangement. 

You can feel nature up close when you touch the bamboo wood. Feel all the natural shapes with your fingers and imagine that you are walking around in a forest.

Slow down. Breathe in the fresh air. And fall in love with the organic bamboo design and enjoy an ice-cold beverage in the garden with your friend and family.


"We create memorable experiences through the love for sustainable handcraft!"


Mandisa bamboo furniture from wholesaler Lene Bjerre

Cushions are the key to create a "bamboo furniture"-heaven on your terrace!



Bamboo furniture is durable - with a little maintenance

Bamboo is by nature as mentioned a very strong and durable material. It can withstand much and still retain its aesthetic look. 

The strength of the material is measured by using a scale called the Brinell scale named after the Swedish engineer Johan August Brinell. Tree sorts such as oak and beech have a hardness of between 3.7 - 3.8 according to the Brinell scale. The hardness of matured bamboo has a value between 4 - 4.7 of hardness.


Clean your bamboo furniture with a soft cloth.


"Bamboo is stronger than most trees and ideal for strong and durable furniture!" 

To ensure that the bamboo furniture will last for many years, some minor maintenance is required. Wipe regularly your bamboo furniture with a damp cloth and a bit of organic natural soap intended for bamboo furniture. Treat them, preferably in spring and autumn, with an oil or a transparent wood sealer specifically intended for bamboo furniture. Keep your bamboo furniture indoors throughout the winter and during wet months and generally avoid allowing your bamboo furniture to stand outdoors in direct sun or rain.

Enjoy your bamboo furniture and make the beautiful natural color last for many years!

Read our 5 maintenance tips for cleaning your bamboo furniture here.


Watch our video with the Mandisa bamboo daybed:

Mandisa Daybed

Discover our Mandisa bamboo daybed - it is the perfect piece of furniture for those days of total relaxation.


Our Mandisa bamboo furniture:

FAQs about bamboo:

When was bamboo discovered?

The use and growing of bamboo can be traced back to ancient China around 5.000 years ago. Throughout time it has been used for many different purposes like tools, clothing, music instruments, and home interior.

Where is bamboo found?

Bamboo plants are mainly found in tropical, sub-tropical, or some temperate zones. Bamboo is commonly found in places like Southeast Asia and South America. The most popular country to grow bamboo in China. They grow over 400 different species of bamboo, where 1/3 of the known bamboo species are grown in China.

Why is bamboo sustainable?

As some bamboo species can be harvest within 3-4 months, the bamboo plant can produce more material compared to other trees sorts. Bamboo also absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide and generate up to 30% more oxygen than other trees and plants. Cultivation is natural and does not require any pesticides and chemicals.

How is bamboo furniture made?

Most bamboo furniture from interior brands is made and shaped by hand. Lene Bjerre has for many years collaborated with local artisans in Southeast Asia that supports the local communities. These people have a long history of producing beautiful, strong, and durable furniture.

Is bamboo furniture durable?

Bamboo is a strong and durable material. On the Brinell scale, bamboo has a hardness of 4.7 compared to oak and ash which has a score between 3.4 and 3.7. This makes bamboo a great choice for creating durable furniture.

Is bamboo furniture sustainable?

Furniture made of bamboo is more sustainable than other tree sorts because the bamboo plant takes less time to grow and harvest. Bamboo furniture from Lene Bjerre is manufactured by skilled local artisans in the local communities in Southeast Asia and support them with good working conditions.

Will bamboo grow from cuttings?

Yes. After the bamboo plants are being cut down, a new plant will sprout from the shoot. Therefore, bamboo does not need to be replanted after harvesting. In the right conditions, some bamboo species can grow from 20 cm to 1 meter per day.

How fast does bamboo grow from cuttings?

After cutting, it can take within 3-4 months before some bamboo species are grown into full size. Compared to other trees such as oak trees, they can take up to 40-50 years before they are full grown.

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