How to clean bamboo furniture?

Bamboo is by nature a very sturdy and durable plant that can last for many years. With some extra care, you can make your bamboo furniture last longer. Read our maintenance tips:

How to clean your bamboo furniture - 5 easy tips from Lene Bjerre

1. Place it with care

If you want to extend the longevity of your bamboo furniture, you should be mindful of where you place it. The material itself is not very fond of too much water or moisture. Too much dry air is also not a good thing.

Therefore, you should think about where you place your bamboo furniture. If you want to have your bamboo furniture to be placed outside on your terrace, you should keep it away from direct contact with the sun for longer periods. Use for example a cover for the furniture so that they can take shelter from the sun. During periods of rain, you should consider storing your bamboo furniture under shelter from the rain so that it does not get wet.

If you have indoor bamboo furniture, then avoid placing it close to a fireplace or heating vent as it can damage the structure and material of the furniture.

Considering where to place your furniture is key to maintaining the bamboo for longer.


2. Dust it off first

Like all your other pieces of furniture, your bamboo furniture will accumulate dust. As a rule of thumb, dust it off with a cleaning brush or wipe it with a soft cloth before starting any other cleaning methods. As the bamboo is a durable plant and not require that much maintenance to keep it clean, you do not have to spend that much time on cleaning.

We like to use a feather duster to sweep the dust of the furniture. You could also use your vacuum cleaner – but use it gently with a brush attachment so you avoid giving your bamboo furniture any scratches on the surface.


3. Use some mild soap

If some dusting does not work and you still see some dirt spots on the furniture, then try to use some mild soap. We recommend mixing organic hand soap and water in a spray bottle. Mix it well and carefully spray it onto your bamboo furniture. Then use a sponge or a smooth cloth to clean the furniture. Be careful when you try to rub off the stains or molds.

Avoid using any types of strong cleansers for your bamboo furniture as it can damage the look and surface. You can use most mild cleaning products from the supermarket.

Remember to let the bamboo dry after you have cleaned it with the soap. This is very important, as bamboo will get more flexible when getting wet. The shape of your furniture can therefore be damaged. Let the furniture dry for 1-3 hours before continuing. Using a hot air dryer is definitely not recommended as too much dry air can make the bamboo less durable.


4. Use a cover

Another great tip for prolonging the lifespan of your bamboo furniture is to cover them with a bed sheet or some other piece of fabric. Tarps that are waterproof will be the best choice for protecting your bamboo furniture from both rain and the sun. This is a good idea if you are leaving your home for a longer period. Do yourself the favor of covering your bamboo furniture so that you can enjoy them for many years.


5. Clean your stains immediately

Be quick to remove any stains on the bamboo furniture if you accidentally spill something on it. This is because bamboo is absorbing liquid at a fast pace and if not treated quickly, the material can be damaged.

So, remember to clean any spills immediately to make sure that your bamboo furniture retains its durability.


If you use these maintenance tips, your bamboo furniture will be able to last for much longer and you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.


How to clean bamboo furniture - Lene Bjerre

With the right amount of maintenance and care, your bamboo furniture will stay gorgeous for longer.


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