Zebia cushion

The free and wild spirit

The zebra salutes those who have been through a tough time but kept their free spirit. It symbolises the free and wild spirit that lives in everyone. And at the same time zebras always stick to their herd and also symbolise community, protection, and family. This is something we can relate to - sticking together, working together, to achieve great results. 

The cushion is made with a beautiful digital print on velour. The print is handpainted, using watercolours. The details in the painting are amazing. The black stripes in different shapes are so authentic that you will have to wonder if it is, in fact, a photo. The reflection captured in the zebra's eye, not to mention the gaze of the eye, leaves us in awe.

The cushion is unique due to the digitally printed manufacturing process. When printing on velour, it gives a unique and vibrant texture and surface, which is not 100% perfect. This is due to the fabrics natural surface, which makes it advanced to print on. The digital print is printed on light shades of fabric, as light colours cannot be printed on dark fabric. Due to the vivid structure of the fabric, the dark colour has a toned down colour. 

Animal print is a huge trend and invites the nature inside your home in the finest way. The Zebra print differs from other traditional decorative objects in the interior design, making the pillow unique.

Zebia Cushion

Embrace the trend for soft and luxurious velour

If you want to make your home more homely and cosy, you may just need to introduce soft textures into the decor. Our homes are a place where we need to feel comfortable and your interior need to reflect just that. Soft textures adds warm, provides an embracing atmosphere and feels lovely against our skin.

Velour is still a trendy material in interior design - soft, elegant and decadent. Velour is a timeless material and adds a lot of warmth and texture to any interior and has become a synonym for luxury and glamour. The weaving technique of velour is an over 800 years old technique and has through the years been a trending fabric used in interior design through several periods.

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