Serafina hands

As a backlash to a rapidly expanding technological community, we as humans long for stimulation our tactile sense. The tactile sense makes us want to explore, touch and sense. Due to that, hands are a focal point in our new SS19 collection, because we embrace the beauty of the handmade design. Handmade products are more and more loved because of their uniqueness and imperfection We have worked with this tactile sense in the design of our new Serafina hands by breaking surfaces with its raw texture, getting our hands to stop and get curious about the products. The finish of the products is natural and raw, reflecting a desire for going back to the essential.

The hands are made in the colour Driftwood, which has a warm brown clay look. The hands add a decorative and raw touch to the interior design and express a growing interior trend.

Serafina Hands

High degree of details

The decorative hands are made of polyresin, which is a mix of 52 % natural stone powder and 48% plastic. Polyresin is a sturdy material that can be intricately moulded, which gives the products a high degree of details with a consistent texture and makes them look authentic. Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for statues, figurines and decorative furniture. Additives can be incorporated into the compound to enhance the material's strength and reduce the weight. 

Other design favourites

Bamboo daybed with a white mattress

Mandisa daybed

This season we have designed a new beauty to our popular Mandisa bamboo collection. A daybed is a thousand-year tribute to relaxation and is a must-have when it comes to modern interior design. A daybed will create more space for relaxation and quality of life. 

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Brown glass vase with a small flower


Our Sarah design is inspired by Art Deco. The vase is blown by mouth by very skilled artisans that have decades of experience. Each item is crafted individually with the elegant Sarah design that beautifully combines elegance and quality. 

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A cushion with zebra pattern leaning on grey wall


Our new Zebia cushion is designed with inspiration from the African savannah. The cushion is made with a beautiful digital print on velvet. The print is handpainted by our designer, using watercolours. 

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Black peacock chair on grey wall


Our new Ratia chair is designed with inspiration from the old classic "Peacock chair", which is a historical icon from the colonial era. The collection is all handmade in rattan in a fine natural finish and woven by skilful artisans. The collection adds both soul and a luxury touch to the interior design. 

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