Ratia chair

This season we are proud to present our brand new Ratia chair manufactured in a black painted finish. Our Ratia chair is handmade in rattan in a fine finish and woven by skilful artisans and adds both soul and a luxury touch to the interior design.

The chair is made from rattan, which is a fast-growing plant which makes it one of the most sustainable materials for furniture. The top of the plant is always replanted and can grow immediately after replanting, making the impact on the forest very small. Rattan is both a very strong but also a very flexible material. The heated rattan is moulded into shape by hand and each of these components is attached together by glue or screws to create the frame. Every little loop around the frame of the chair has also been made very carefully by hand. Due to all the manual work, the process of making each chair is very lengthy and no chairs will be identical. 

Ratia Chair-1

A historical icon

Our Ratia chair is designed with inspiration from the old classic "Peacock chair", which is a historical icon from the colonial era.  In the early 1600s, European colonists brought beautifully woven products and furniture made of rattan from locations in Southeast Asia, but it wasn't before the 19th century that the peacock chair made its way to the United States. 

The chair originated from the Philippines in a prison in Manila, where prisoners spend their time weaving furniture made from rattan and other products in natural materials, like willow, grass and wood. At the beginning of the 20th century, the exotic design of the peacock chair with its boho-chic style made it a staple of photography studios, parlors, and smoke rooms in wealthy homes. It quickly became a big trend for celebrities and with the increase in demand, the chairs were mass produced. The peacock chair has earned its place in history and today, the chairs are experiencing a major retro revival and is a furniture trend in modern interior design. 

Brown peacock chair with a white cushion and side table

Other design favourites

Brown glass vase on white table


Our Sarah design is inspired by Art Deco. The vase is blown by mouth by very skilled artisans that have decades of experience. Each item is crafted individually with the elegant Sarah design that beautifully combines elegance and quality. 

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A cushion with zebra pattern in front of grey wall


Our new Zebia cushion is designed with inspiration from the African savannah. The cushion is made with a beautiful digital print on velvet. The print is handpainted by our designer, using watercolours. 

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Bamboo daybed with white mattress

Mandisa daybed

This season we have designed a new beauty to our popular Mandisa bamboo collection. A daybed is a thousand-year tribute to relaxation and is a must-have when it comes to modern interior design. A daybed will create more space for relaxation and quality of life. 

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A statue with two hands on a black desk

Serafina hands

Due to the rapidly expanding technological community, we as humans long for stimulation our tactile sense. Hands are a focal point because we embrace the beauty of the handmade design. 

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