Mandisa daybed - a place for daydreams

Do you long for a place with space to daydream? A daybed helps you create space for more relaxation and improved quality in your everyday life, and that at the same time enrich your home with a touch of lavish luxury and seductive exclusivity. 

Daybeds are popular like never before and we're loving every moment of it. For some, it is due to the trend and design and for others, it is due to the functional aspect, that the daybed can be used for multiple purposes. The daybed can be used in almost every room in your home. It provides both a casual seating and an extra guest bed. At the same time, a daybed is a really extravagant piece of furniture that makes the atmosphere more inviting and cosy. With a daybed in your interior design, you follow the current trend with a multifunctional and sustainable piece of furniture.

Mandisa Daybed


Design with good conscience

Our new daybed is a part of our popular Mandisa collection, which is 100 % organic, handmade bamboo furniture design. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials and grows incredibly fast without help from either pesticides or fertilizers. Due to the fast vegetation, Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than the most typical wood types, which contributes to a positive environmental effect for the reduction of the Co2. 

Our Mandisa collection is characterized by light, practical, decorative and unique furniture design, all manufactured by hand by skilful artisans. Read more about bamboo furniture here.

A tribute to relaxation

We love daybeds! They are both beautiful and simple furniture design and very practical and multifunctional at the same time. Daybeds were particularly popular among designers and furniture architects in the post-war era and daybeds were not a furniture for anyone. The apartments were often small then and people preferred to use the sparse space on a real sofa. Today daybeds are a very trendy piece of furniture. They are for everyone whether you love the classic, minimalistic or stylish interior style. 

The daybed is a thousand-year tribute to relaxation and the origin dates back to ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Daybeds had its heyday in the 40's and 50's but have now become a modern furniture in modern interior design. 

Lene Bjerre Mandisa bamboo daybed

Design tip: Hang a cool wall lamp above your daybed to get either a cosy or practical lightning, for those evenings where you want to snuggle with a good book or an inspiring magazine. With a matched lamp you can create an outstandingly cosy mood in your room. A fine combination of the right daybed and the right lighting will undoubtedly make an impression when you are inviting guests over.

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