1. Choose the most visual social media platforms

Interior products are for the eye to catch. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on working with the most visual social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


Instagram is the land of milk and honey for people who love interior design. It is also the media with the highest engagement rates compared to other social media. To build up a faithful audience your job is to create inspiring and aesthetic photos and videos that present your products in a way, your potential customers can identify themselves with. Remember to use relevant hashtags when posting your photos. It’ll make it easier for you to be found by people who don’t know you yet but might be interested.


Facebook is still the most popular social media of all and offers a broad variety of ways to play with different kinds of visual formats. Video has especially become a great way to engage with both potential and existing customers on Facebook. Try focusing on creating video content that has a real worth to your target audience and encourages them to interact with you or other users. Furthermore, Facebook offers a lot of advertising possibilities. Target an audience that reflects your exact customer type and you will be able to drive relevant traffic to your webshop/website or to get new newsletter signups.  


If your customers want to find great inspiration in home decoration, interior design and styling tips, many of them go to Pinterest for answers. Why not make sure that it will be you they will find? This is the place to show your creativity and all your great ideas, and here you will often be found by potential customers who don’t necessarily know you yet. Create your own boards and start uploading your inspiring photos right away. And if you have a webshop then make sure to link the photos directly to the product or category on your webshop.
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2. Try not to be too much of a salesman

This might seem obvious to many but actually, it is one of the most common mistakes made by businesses on social media. Yes, it is true that social media can be channels to increase your sale but try not to let it show in how you communicate. Nobody is fond of the talk from a salesman. Your focus must be on ensuring your audience that you are not just trying to market to them. The most important thing is to establish a solid credibility and trust between you and your audience. Instead of the salesman talk, you should focus on creating content that has a real motive for helping and inspiring your customers. For instance, you could create some content about how to decorate a beautiful photo wall or how to style a cosy corner with the new flowerpots in your shop.

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3. Have a clear visual identity

When you sell interior products, your customers are typically people who have a sense of aesthetics. They evaluate your products and business based on what they can see. Therefore, it is very important that you think of how to create your own visual style in your photos and videos. It is a way to be recognized by your customers and has an effect on whether new potential customers will like to engage with you. For instance, when your potential customers visit your Instagram profile for the first time, they must be convinced that your profile is worth following. Therefore, there must be some sort of clear common thread in your photos so they will know what to expect of content by following you.


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4. Know your customers

Whether you are a webshop or a physical store, a small company or a big company, the key to success on social media is how well you know your customers. Your customers might have many things in common, but they are also different from each other in many ways. Based on what you know about your customers’ needs and behaviour patterns, you might try to sketch and divide them into 3-5 kinds of customer types. It will make it easier for you to target your content if you know who you are making it for. And instead of thinking of what you want to show, think more of what your customer types might want to see.

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5. Evaluate your work

The greatest thing about using social media for the purpose of branding is, that you can actually measure the effect on all your good work. On both Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest you have access to a lot of data and analytics. For instance, it is possible for you to see how many visitors you have on your Instagram profile every week, and you can track how many clicks to your website your post on Facebook has generated. Develop your own goals and run through the data and analytics every month to see, how you are performing. It gives you the opportunity to become even better at creating awareness, new followers, traffic etc.

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