A webshop checklist - 10 tips you need to read

When you choose us as your wholesale supplier of design interior products you get much more than just a supplier with a focus on aesthetics and quality. You get a wholesale partner that also is your business sparring partner who also cares about your business.

If you are running your own Webshop, there are a whole lot of things you need to take into consideration in order for your Webshop to perform as well as possible. We have gathered a list of recommendations that might help you in setting up a new Webshop or improve the one you’re already running.

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1. User experience – Your no. 1 priority!

The most important thing you need to be absolutely sure about is that your Webshop needs to be as user-friendly as possible. If your Webshop doesn’t work or respond the way your customers expect it to, the products you sell can be just as fantastic without selling one single product. Remember that if your customers are just a bit in doubt or slightly annoyed about something on your Webshop, they are never more than a few clicks away from another Webshop that sells maybe the same or a similar product. Therefore, the functionality of your Webshop is simply crucial and the user experience needs to be your 1. priority.

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2. Convenience & confidence

When your customers have chosen a product that they wish to buy the progress from adding the item to the basket and all the way to when they actually receive their order needs to be as convenient as possible. The checkout procedure has to be very transparent and intuitive. The more simple you keep your checkout flow and the more precise you state your prices and terms and conditions, the more confidence your customers will have in your Webshop. Keep in mind, that there are a lot of fraud sites out there, forcing your customers to always be alert.
Another important thing you should consider is how your customers prefer to pay and also which delivery type they like the best. The best solution for your Webshop might be to offer your customers several shipping options as well as several payment options. Your customers most likely have very different preferences and if you offer them exactly their preferred option, chances that they place an order is much greater.
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3. A shop-like product presentation

Another crucial element on a Webshop is the way you display your products. Your products need to be very easy to find and please bear in mind, that some navigate to a website primarily via pictures and graphics whereas others navigate almost only via text. Both types of browsing through your website should be just as easy, just like a super visible and user-friendly search field also is mandatory.

The way you display your products on your Webshop needs to measure up as close as possible to the way a product is displayed in a department store. Try to put yourself in the customers' place and pretend you are in a department store looking at one of your products. The first thing you most likely would do is to grab the product to get a feeling of the material and to view the item from different angles. All of this information you get from actually touching the item you have to provide in another way on a Webshop – or as close as possible.

The best way of shoving this online is by lots of different pictures. Pictures of the item alone and in relation to other products, sizes and colours, angles a.s.o. 3D pictures and videos are even better options but no matter how many illustrations you have you can’t forget to add all the data and information in writing also. And when it comes to the written info, it’s always a good thing both to have an easy overview e.g. in bullets but also a more coherent written text. This will both serve as good service for those customers who navigate best via text but also work as SEO text and be indexed by different search engines.

At Lene Bjerre, we provide you with both beautiful pack photos and mood photos in high resolution and also lots of texts for each of our products. We’re continuously developing new ways of photographing our products and describing them, and as a reseller of our products, you will of course benefit from all of this material.


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4. Know your limits – call a friend

The best way of making sure that your Webshop works as good as possible and that all of the above has been taking into consideration is to have a number of your friends or maybe even a number of random people to test your website. When you have been working for a long time with the same project it is impossible to see all the small details from different angles. No matter how great you are at your job, you will always benefit from letting others test your site and evaluate this as objectively as possible. Independent test persons are the best way of figuring out where your Webshop needs a little extra attention.

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5. Don’t hide – scream out!  – SEO is (also) king

When you’re adding content to your Webshop a very important thing to remember is to keep adding more! You might have heard that “Content is King”, which is absolutely true. The more relevant text you add to your Webshop, the better. At the same time, it is very important to remember alt-texts on all of your pictures. All of your texts and picture descriptions will be indexed in various search-engines which makes it easier for your customers to find you online.
The better your SEO-work is, the more “free” visitors you will get on your Webshop. If you’re not updated on how to SEO-optimize your Webshop best, there at most likely a whole lot of courses in your nearby area that will guide you on your way. It is not as difficult as it might seem, and the biggest SEO-mistake you can do is to do nothing at all.
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6. AdWords – the most efficient way of marketing your Webshop

Marketing a Webshop is kind of like marketing a physical store – only that all of your competitors are just around any corner. Imagine that you are a small shop in the middle of Manhattan, NY and that every single building around you is a great competitor trying to sell similar products to your customers. That is pretty much how it works online – every competitive Webshop is just a few clicks away.

To make yourself seen and drag customers into your Webshop, it is imperative that you make sure, that you can be found very easily. The best way of marketing an online shop is - no surprise – by online marketing and Google AdWords is at this point the undefeated champion in this category. AdWords lets you market exactly the type of customers you want, and you can instantly see the return on your investment. Just like with SEO-optimizing there are lots of companies just waiting for your call. You can either choose to manage your AdWords yourself, but you might just as well have an external company help you on this matter if you’re not keen on this job yourself. And again, our key message is that you can’t afford to opt out on this little task. If no one knows your shop or where to find it, you will only sell a vanishing little number of items.
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7. Email – get permission and use it!

The next most effective online marketing is Email marketing. In order to make this work, of course, you’ll need a certain amount of Email-addresses. Every time a customer fills out their credentials you have to make sure, that as many as possible accept that you send them marketing emails. Once they have tried your Webshop and bought an item they like there’s a very good chance that they potentially will buy more. That is, of course, depending on the experience they had visiting your Webshop and receiving the item. Once you have gathered a list of email permissions, your job is to send them as relevant marketing material as possible at a well-balanced frequency.

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8. Social media – what’s the deal?

The number of different social media networks keeps expanding and the many various ways of using them also. The great question is how you as a Webshop owner can benefit from entering a selection of social media websites. The “SOME-universe” keeps evolving very fast and it is quite a job keeping up with the many options.

However, we have gathered a list of recommendations on, how you can get the most out of your precious time spent on a selection of these media. See more here.

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9. The look – has ‘she’ got it?

As a retailer of quality interior design products, your customers will also expect that your appearance online is somewhat of a high quality. This applies to both your Webshop, the newsletters you send out and the social media you engage in. If your online look doesn’t add up to the products you wish to sell the customers will automatically lower their expectations for your products. This might seem a little contradictive. Just because someone has a flair for interior design doesn’t have to mean that they know about web-design – but hey, don’t shoot the messenger – It is just a fact.

Try to look at it from this perspective: If your customers are looking for inspiring inputs on how to style their homes, an uninspiring Webshop is probably not what they will be spending much time on. They will quite fast make another google search and find a competitive Webshop with a more inspiring look. But don’t worry – we have also gathered a couple of great tips for you on how to take awesome photos for your online appearance. See our photo guide here.

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10. Still reading? Go go go!

If you have reached this point it means that you have not been scared yet. Congratulations! You probably have got what it takes. If none of the above seems unmanageable to you, the very next thing you need to do is to go get started! Quit stalling and just jump right in. No one can launch an entirely complete and perfect Webshop from day one. The beautiful thing is that you can easily adapt a Webshop as you learn on your way. Take measures of your decisions and evaluate on a regular basis. Stay on the track and have a little patience – and maybe a little more. Don’t expect the customers to come running the first week. Depending on how you manage the above, it might take a little time before you’ll actually make a profitable business out of your Webshop. Just keep up the good work and chances are that you’ll be doing just fine after a little while.