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The desire for trustworthy design

Design & Consumer trend 2019

Through a time where political instability is a reality and causes uncertainty in our society, trust has never been a more relevant topic than it is now. Both the trust we show towards each other as individuals, but also the trust we as people have towards brands and the society in general. Interior design will in 2019 reflect trust and embrace honest design, which we as humans can relate to. We want designs to tell us a unique story of why, how, where and by whom it is created. 

This season, we will experience the trend of trustworthy design through different trend directions. In interior design 2019, we strive to decorate our home with products that make us feel safe, calm down and feel trust. Trustworthy design should contribute to a lifestyle, where we want to achieve sympathy, honesty, harmony and a free spirit with room for playful design.

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Lene Bjerre lamp and bench decorated with home decor

Interior trends to watch for in 2019

A new year is synonymous with renewal and change. We have looked through the crystal ball to predict the hottest interior trends and will in this blog post guide you through the 6 biggest interior trends for 2019 to watch for. 

Due to the rapidly growing digitization, we as humans long for the basic values. When decorating your home in 2019, surfaces, structures and textures are all important elements when choosing the right products. The love for traditional craftsmanship and handmade design will also continue to be a huge interior trend in 2019 and the trend for natural materials and fascination with nature will continue as well.

Our homes will in 2019 also be characterized by the floral trend, which is blooming! Winter florals and botanicals are both big trends to see in 2019. Natural nuances of brown, sandy shades and earthy tones like rusty reds and terracotta will be colours that embrace our home in 2019. We will also see designs inspired by a fusion across different cultures.

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Daybed covered with African inspired cushions

African vibes

Imagine the sunset above Africa's savannah, filling the low coastal plains with a warm glow and slowly disappearing behind the horizon. Keep this picture in mind if you want to decorate in an African inspired style. Earthly shades of clay and terracotta in orange, red and brown shades, in a combination with bright and simple elements, will create a unique and breathtaking space. 

Africa is a beautiful and exotic continent, with a rich cultural heritage and is characterized by unique interior design. Modern decor in African inspired style is not about crowding the home with masks, baskets, animal prints and red- and brown shades everywhere. It is about finding a few elements that add a touch of an African mood to an otherwise simple decor. It is about finding elements that create harmony, personality and warmth.

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Black wooden table with Kintsugi and vases on it

Japandi - "More than just a style"

The embrace of Japanese simplicity and the rustic Scandinavian style, in splendid interplay, creates Japandi. Japandi is more than just a style; it is a philosophy of life. A rapidly growing interior design trend which has only just emerged and which in the coming seasons will become even more popular.

Japandi is characterised as a stylistic design movement, defined by its simple emotions and elegant details. Traditional and timeless Japanese design in splendid interplay with rustic and modern Scandinavian design, bringing together the best of both worlds.


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Blue cushion with white wavy pattern

Japandi - Japanese symbolism

Japandi is a fusion between Scandinavian design and Japanese design. For a real Japandi feeling, different special Japanese design techniques are used and Japanese national symbols are combined with Scandinavian design.

The Japandi trend is highly influenced by Zen, which embraces the simple and clean style of interior design. The crane is one of the oldest described paper-folding figures and epitomises Japanese traditional origami. The crane is also a huge national symbol of happiness and wisdom and the national bird in Japan. 

Two central Japanese techniques that are essential is "Sashiko stitching", a simple sewing technique and "Shibori", a centuries-old Japanese technique for dyeing textiles. 


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Dea bamboo cabinet and chair with lambskin

Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian design has become synonymous with timeless, simple and practical style – and we love it. The Scandinavian design philosophy is all about keeping things simple, but beautiful.

Scandinavian design refers to the use of natural materials, pale colours and minimalist shapes in a beautiful combination. As a design choice, Scandinavian style finds widespread popularity because it can be taken either high-end or more basic.


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White outdoor bamboo furniture

Bamboo - "The golden canes"

Maybe bamboo makes you think of the 1970s housing trend, but the organic material has now become a very popular material in the modern housing trend, both for outdoor and indoor décor.
Bamboo is one of the most sustainable material in nature and harder than traditional wood types. It grows incredibly fast without help from either pesticides or fertilizers.
Due to the fast vegetation, Bamboo releases 35 % more oxygen than the most typical wood types, which contributes to a positive environmental effect for the reduction of the Co2.

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