General questions

When can I cancel my order?
When you make an order you are entitled to cancel any order within 8 days of the date of the order.
What are your terms of delivery?

ICC’s Incoterms 2010 is used for delivery terms – all prices are ex. freight cost. Preferred delivery terms are DAT, DAP or EXW. EXW orders will be added EXW fee of EUR 150.

How much are the freight costs?

UK orders at the value of min. GBP 950,- are carriage paid – except to the UK Islands - will be added our forwarder’s current freight charges.

EIRE orders at the value of EUR 1.500 are Carriage Paid.

Freight costs will be calculated at UK 7% / Ireland 10% / Italy 10%/Finland 13% /Sweden 7% / Spain 14% / Portugal 16% / Benelux 8% of the order amount, however min. GBP 15/ EUR 20”

PL, CZ & the Baltic countries deliveries at the value of EUR 6.500 are carriages paid. Freight costs will be calculated at 11% of the invoice amount. However min. EUR 30.

For countries not mentioned in the above terms, freight cost for DAT or DAP delivery will be calculated and advised for customers confirmation before shipment of the order.

Do you have any special freight goods?
Furniture and items marked with ”Special freight” are not included in the minimum order size. Will be added our forwarder’s current freight charges.
I have recieved a damaged shipment - what now?
If any visible damage to the shipment upon arrival make sure to note this on the waybill before the driver leaves. For easier handling of the claim, please take photos of the damaged pallets/parcels at the receipt and before unpacking and keep a copy of the freight letter. Damaged goods must be claimed by email towards Lene Bjerre within 8 days.

Are you a new retailer?

How do I receive a login to the retailer webshop?

To receive access to our wholesale universe you must have a login. If you wish to get a login contact us right here and we will get things in motion.


How do I log in to the retailer webshop?

Easiest question of the year, to log in our retailer webshop, just click right here.

Do you have a Minimum Opening Order?

The Minimum Opening Order (MOO) differs from country to country, to find your MOO please see the specific countries below:

Denmark: 5.000 DKK

Norway: 7.500 DKK: 

United Kingdom: 1.000 GBP 

Sweden, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland & Switzerland, and other countries not listed: 1.000 EUR

Once you have really joined the family there are no strings attached. Our desire is to expand our family so the entire world can fall in love with our aesthetics and we would love you to tag along.

I wish to make order - what can I do?

We have created the shopping experience to run as smoothly as possible. You can order in the comforts of your sofa or even on-the-go. Order whenever it suits you, at our webshop. If you have some questions concerning some of the products, just grab a hold on us we are always available to offer competent support.

How long does the delivery take?

If you hate to wait forever for your goods, you are in luck. We offer quick deliveries from our local warehouse in Denmark, where our designs are carefully nurtured, packed and dispatched with kisses and love. We often dispatch already the day after your order! If you have any special requirements or wishes please make us aware, so we can create the best possible solution.

Can I get access to your awesome product images?

Well, we are glad you asked. Be ready to be amazed by our extensive high-resolution product and mood images, ready for your disposal. Once you have a login to the wholesale universe, you can find an extensive image database with all the images you dream of.

I hate typing texts for my webshop - can you help me?
Lene Bjerre to the rescue! Our high-tech systems can make the annoying process of manually typing product information texts run smoothly taking mere minutes. Our trained IT-employees can transfer the product information digitally through XML and CSV, which can be loaded directly into most IT systems. We would love to hear which systems you are using, so your fingers will stop hurting. You will be generally amazed at the things that are possible, so contact us now and hear how we can make your life easier.
Do you have a catalogue?

Yes, we absolutely do. We love inspiring our customers with our visual style. We publish at least two physical catalogues every year - an Autumn / Winter catalogue (AW) and a Spring / Summer catalogue (SS). To ensure that you have access to the most current designs and trends, we have an online catalogue so you can sit in your comfort in your home and see our wide selection. If there is furniture, home décor items etc. that you are interested in, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you locate it.

Where do I find older catalogues?

We have compiled our design goodies in a resource section, where you can browse some of the previous catalogues for design treats.

Which kind of products do you have?

Do you offer the specific designs I'm looking for?

The chances are surely in our favour. We are the proud owners of an impressive selection of high-quality interior design products for all rooms of the house. Just mention a room and we have the design products to satisfy your needs.

Do you create new designs or is it just the same old stuff you offer?

We keep our designers on their toes and we are constantly trying new colours, materials and expressions for our designs. We offer two main collections every year plus a large Christmas collection and several smaller collections. But we also care for the classics, that never go out of style. In this family, you find the best from both worlds.

How many collections are released every year?

We have two large collections a year an Autumn / Winter collection (AW) and a Spring / Summer collection (SS). We furthermore release smaller collections during the year, for example, Christmas, Easter, an extra Spring / Summer collection etc.  We are trying to stir up the design game and not letting fixed collections set the standard for the release of our products. If we are inspired by a given trend, a given year and period, we release a collection.

Do Lene Bjerre wholesale furniture?

Yes, we do. Our furniture collection makes your home look stunning and are even both practical and cosy. Furniture is such a key item in your home and it deserves all the attention when furnishing your home. You find among other things, couches, chairs, tables, consoles, cabinets, shelves, bookcases, mirrors and other furniture.

Take for example a look at the furniture series below, just to get you started.

Do Lene Bjerre wholesale cushions?

Yes, we do. Our cushion collection creates a complete feeling at your home. The question is, is there such thing as too many cushions? We believe that there is always room for one more. Cushions give you the possibility to mix and match different colours and keep the vibe of the room vibrant and living. 

Do Lene Bjerre wholesale blankets and throws?

Yes, we do. Our throws and blankets create a cosy feeling in your home interior. Sit back, relax and enjoy those late nights with the company of a warm blanket or throw. Blankets and throws are a trusty companion and a must-have accessory in every household.


Do Lene Bjerre wholesale lamps?

Yes, we do. Our lamps are designed to light up even the darkest nights. They are elegant and decorative and matches the modern lifestyle. There are lamps for every taste, occasion and place. You find among other things, pendants, floor lamps, lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, light chains etc.