Norah - Our rattan darling

Looking for a little inspiration to your Spring home decorations? Add a thoughtful atmosphere to your home with our Norah series. The series is handwoven by skilled artisans that are specialized in turning sustainable rattan into pieces of art.

Our Norah series radiates the spirit of nature and creates an earthly mood in your room. Update your home decorations with sturdy outdoor furniture, luminous lanterns, and practical home accessories.

Discover the unique personality of rattan in your home decorations with our Norah series.



Give rooms a Spring update with our selection of timeless pieces from our Norah series and create an inviting living space.    


"Create comfort in every room with rattan!"

We believe in making a difference

We find inspiration all over the world and this collection is no exception. We take pride in cooperation with creative and hardworking people. All items in our Norah series are handwoven by women from Myanmar that work from home. In Myanmar, a long tradition has been that women should take care of the home and the children when she becomes a mother. The only source of income for the family comes from the husband. The work with weaving interior items gives the women an opportunity for an extra source of income.

In chosen a supplier we make sure each woman gets the best possible working conditions when working from home. They get access to the best materials, training, and tools. It turns them into skilled artisans that are necessary to our supplier.

When you buy home interior from the Norah series, you participate in supporting the hardworking women in Myanmar. Together, we can raise the living standards for those who need it.


Decorate your terrace or balcony with the Norah outdoor furniture and combine them with some magical light from handmade lanterns.

Norah rattan series - wholesaler of sustainable furniture and home accessories - Lene Bjerre

Details create personality

Explore the unique woven pattern and long lasting material of rattan in our Norah series. Rattan is really having a moment of time. The plant is part of the palm family and each tendril can grow up to 200 meters in length but will maintain the same diameter throughout its lengths. The Rattan is solid all the way through, making it one of nature’s strongest materials. It is super bendy and will not splinter nor break.

Like bamboo, rattan grows very quickly all year round and it is harvested without harming the tree. At Lene Bjerre, we care about the planet and always think sustainability into our products. Lucky for us, both bamboo and rattan look amazing in our products.

Selected items from the Norah series:

Wholesaler of sustainable furniture and home decor - Lene Bjerre

Home is not a place - it is a feeling

Spring and Summer months are about spending time with friends and family in beautiful surroundings. At Lene Bjerre, we value high quality and handmade design. Transform your home with our lovely outdoor furniture, authentic lanterns, and timeless baskets from the Norah series. Every piece in the series has a unique look with an emphasis on the smallest details.

We have a long tradition for creating a mood in your room. We aim to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere – so lean back in one of our Norah couches or chairs, we ensure a comfortable and lovely experience. 

Find inspiration in our Norah series and let the magic of the series transform your home.

Add texture and warmth to your bathroom with rattan home accessories - Lene Bjerre


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