Art Deco inspired flowerpots

The design is our own and inspired by Art Deco, which is a style of visual arts and design.

Art Deco was particularly popular in the 20’s and 30’s in the upper class but has now made comeback in modern home interior design. It combines modernist style with good craftsmanship and rich materials. During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury and glamour.

Through the years, fashion, design, jewellery, and many great buildings have also found inspiration in the grandness of the Art Deco.

All Sarah flowerpots and vases are designed by our own skilful designer in a new and modern design that fits perfectly into the modern home décor.

White flower pot beside a fireplace

Outdoor flowerpots - a rustic touch

The flowerpots for outdoor use are made of fibre clay, which makes them perfect for outdoor use.

Fibre clay is a material made from fibreglass and natural clay. The flowerpots in the Sarah collection require minimal maintenance and as garden enthusiasts would say; “No maintenance is necessary because we love the old patina look, which the garden adds to the flowerpots”. For cleaning, only use a soft wet cloth without any type of soap or cleaning detergent, as this may cause undesirable staining or other deposits on the flowerpots.

Please note, that all products with depressions for outdoor use must be emptied of water before the winter frost set in. Frozen water can result in bursting when the water expands.

Create your own new Nordic paradise garden filling the flowerpots with beautiful flowers.

Two white flowers pots and a grey wall

Indoor - Love for ceramics

Maybe ceramics make you think of the 1970’s heavy and colourful housing trend but ceramic has now become a very popular material in the modern housing trend. Ceramic exude life and soul and create timeless and harmonious décor.

Use ceramic as a modern element in the interior design to create texture in the room. Create with our beautiful Sarah flowerpots and vases a simple and personal, light and Scandinavian expression.

Let your plants, flowers or fresh herbs get the attention they deserve in these Sarah flowerpots, which with its simple design goes with many different styles. Our Sarah products add a charming look to your interior design and give you the perfect opportunity to set your own personal touch.

Our fine Sarah collection goes through a long manufacturing process, to ensure the right design and the highest quality. All products in our Sarah collection is hand painted, which gives each item its own look. The flowerpots for indoor use is glazed inside, in order to make the ceramic waterproof.

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