The beauty of natural and handmade design

The beautiful Reika flowerpots are designed with inspiration from the Japanese design universe and reflect handmade design in the finest way. The flower decoration is carefully formed and attached to the flowerpot by skilful artisans. Because of the long manufacturing process, every flowerpot will be unique and every single item will have its own charm. 

The flowerpots are available in the sizes, L27xW27xH27xØ27 cm and L18xW18xH21xØ18 cm. and are designed in the colours driftwood brown, off-white and granite green. Plants contribute to creating life in your home, and a beautiful flowerpot contributes to give the room a special touch. Let these gorgeous flowerpots tell a story of good craftsmanship in your interior design. 


Associations to the old beautiful Asia

As raw and natural materials have found their way to modern interior decoration, ceramics have also come to light. Both raw and glossy ceramics can now be seen in our homes, where it is incredibly decorative. Ceramic can be artworks in themselves and ceramic in the interior design is a great way to bring texture and colour to your home in a delicate way. Ceramics are a perfect way to create a correlation in the room. 

The crackled finish of these beautiful Reika flowerpots contributes to give an exceptional look, and the delicate colour and finish will remind you of the old beautiful Asia. The flowerpots embrace the beauty of the natural, original and handmade design. 

Create a comfortable and authentic atmosphere in your home by decorating with plants and flowers in these beautiful flowerpot designed in gorgeous natural colours.

Hands making flower design on brown vase in clay

Handmade design

Creating a rustic and modern look in your home means embracing the charms of nature and giving your home an organic touch. We love the good craftsmanship, handmade design and to use natural elements in our designs. Embracing natural elements also means embracing imperfection. 
The beautiful Reika flowerpot is made of ceramic - a beautiful natural material. The flowerpots are all handmade through all processes by skilful artisans, which makes every flowerpot unique.
In the manufacturing process, a special clay is being used with the best adhesion, to ensure the best quality. Artisans with 40 years of experience make the glaze rapidly, why the desires effect can be made. When the flowerpots have been dried naturally, the artisan adds the handmade flower to the pot, hereafter the flowerpot is being burned in a kilt. At last the glaze and the finish is made. 

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