A handmade beauty

A gorgeous collection of decorative items in a classic and Scandinavian design has made its impression this season. Each product has a beautiful enamel surface on the upper side in a deep blue colour, which is one of this season's trend colours. All products in our Nara collection are handmade through all processes by skilful artisans, why every product in this collection is unique. 

The Nara collection consists of an elegant trolley and practical trays in different shapes and sizes, which can be used for decoration or for organizing your smaller things. We love the two trays on a stand, which is a modern and new look for a tray. Ind the collection you will also find two sizes of candles holders in a different and elegant look. 

A classic and elegant piece of furniture

Our new gorgeous Nara trolley is one of our absolute favourites this season. We love its classic Scandinavian design, that speaks to the modern interior style. The colours is a classic combination of gold metal and a shiny deep blue coloured enamel surface and will bring an elegant touch to the interior design.

The trolley is handmade through all processes, why each trolley is a unique piece of furniture. The Nara trolley will bring a cosy and elegant atmosphere into any room and is very practical with its wheels and removable trays. 

The trolley can be used for decoration and display your favourite items or you can use it for storage of your favourite liquor bottles, beautiful decanters and glasses. Use it the way you like to put a personal touch to your interior design. 

Blue and gold trolley table in front of grey wall

Golden details and classic blue

Using the metal look in your interior design add dimension and texture to the room. Modern metals have become popular in modern interior design because of its ability to manipulate natural light to create open, airy spaces. 

The combination of the deep blue colour and the golden metal adds an exclusive and elegant feeling to the interior design and fits perfectly in the modern Scandinavian home. The shiny blue colour is both stylish and timeless at the same time. Shades of blue give a classic Scandinavian and minimalist expression. 

The stylish Scandinavian interior design, which itself is minimalist and in covenant with nature, is an obvious style to combine with Art Deco as they make good contrasts to each other. At the same time, they can give your home a touch of luxury and elegance without compromising simplicity and tranquillity. 

In our Nara collection, we have combined the luxury from Art Deco with simple and classic Scandinavian design. 

Other design favourites

Black chair with flower patter in front of a grey wall


The crane and the magnolia flower are combined in this hand-drawn furniture design for a stylish feel of Japandi

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B2B-img-collections aw18-372x372 (7)


The decorative Emiko tables are a piece of natural art. They are made from Acacia wood and processed by hand.

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B2B-img-collections aw18-372x372 (8)


The combination of the metal and the matt white glass gives a timeless and stylish feeling. 

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B2B-img-collections aw18-372x372 (5)


These beautiful flowerpots in ceramics are all handmade. Each detailed petal is made by hand of skilful artisans. 

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