Lene Bjerre bamboo daybed with grey and brown coloured cushions

Mandisa is our bamboo darling

In a world where eco-friendly home accessories and furniture is on the move, we want to contribute to providing you with more sustainable paths to go when choosing furniture for your home. Mandisa is just that! 

Mandisa is our series of handmade bamboo furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed with a focus on an aesthetic expression and a timeless look. 

Learn more about this special furniture series and discover why we call Mandisa our bamboo darling!

Design with a good conscience

Mandisa is a collection, which is 100 % organic, handmade bamboo furniture design. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials and grows incredibly fast without help from either pesticides or fertilizers. Due to the fast vegetation, Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than the most typical wood types, which contributes to a positive environmental effect on the reduction of the Co2. 

Our Mandisa collection is characterized by light, practical, decorative, and unique furniture design, all manufactured by hand by skilful artisans.


Mandisa Daybed


The Mandisa daybed – a place for daydreams

Do you long for a place with space to daydream? A daybed helps you create space for more relaxation and improved quality in your everyday life, and that at the same time enrich your home with a touch of lavish luxury and seductive exclusivity.

We love daybeds! They are both beautiful and simple furniture design and very practical and multifunctional at the same time. Daybeds were particularly popular among designers and furniture architects in the post-war era and daybeds were not a piece of furniture for anyone. The apartments were often small then and people preferred to use the sparse space on a real sofa. Today daybeds are a very trendy piece of furniture. They are for everyone whether you love the classic, minimalistic or stylish interior style.

Daybeds are popular like never before and we're loving every moment of it. For some, it is due to the trend and design and for others, it is due to the functional aspect, that the daybed can be used for multiple purposes. The daybed can be used in almost every room in your home. It provides both a casual seating and an extra guest bed. At the same time, a daybed is an extravagant piece of bamboo furniture that makes the atmosphere more inviting and cosy. With a daybed in your interior design, you follow the current trend with a multifunctional and sustainable piece of furniture.

Wholesaler of bamboo furniture - Lene Bjerre

The natural look of bamboo wood will give your garden or terrace a cosy atmosphere.


Why we use bamboo for our furniture [Video]

LeneBjerre_Virtual Studio_Made by Virsabi


A beach atmosphere in your garden

Have you ever wanted to go back to that sandy beach shore? Lay on a comfortable sunbed with a cold cocktail in your hand? Why not create that own mood in your back garden? Take our Mandisa bamboo furniture out in your garden and create your own cosy outdoor relaxation hub.

Use our bamboo parasol with the comfy sunbed – and maybe find a soft cushion. The bamboo wood of the parasol and sunbed will bring an instant beach vibe to your home. Surround yourself with a bunch of flowers and plants and create a lovely outdoor jungle around that magical spot. Incorporate an organic and natural atmosphere to your outdoor decorations. Lean back and enjoy life.

Remember to take care of your outdoor bamboo furniture – read our care and maintenance tips here.


The Mandisa bamboo daybed is the perfect choice for decorating a cosy hub of relaxation in your garden. Remember to add some soft cushions.


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