Handmade braiding

The frame of the chair and couch in our Dealia furniture collection is made of Sungkai wood from the forest in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Sungkai wood is produced from Sungkai trees, which grows in tropical forests in Southeast Asia and is a very popular type of wood to use in furniture production. The back is made of braided ramie wood, which is one of the oldest fibre crops and has been used for at least six thousand years.
Ramie is normally harvested two to three times a year, but if the growing conditions are well, it can be harvested up to six times per year. Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibres and exhibits even greater strength when it is wet.
All the parts of our gorgeous Dealia chair and couch are handmade by the local skilled workers, working from home making a living while taking care of their families. When all the different parts are completed, they are sent to the production division for framing, assembling, sanding and the finishing process.
All wooden parts of the furniture in this collection are treated with anti-fungus and anti-insect treatment, to ensure a longer durability.
All materials have spent several hours in the sun before being shipped to our home office in Denmark. This to make sure, that all parts are completely dry and ready for the journey.
Brown handmade wooden bench with grey pillows

A natural spot

Invite nature inside your store with this gorgeous Dealia collection and embrace the beauty of nature. The design of the collection is bright and has the Nordic and Scandinavian expression that we love. The neutral and harmonious colours will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Incorporate this collection of furniture design as a natural element in your store décor and spice up the classic elements with a new and gorgeous piece of furniture to create the perfect mood and atmosphere. The natural feeling is guaranteed to create harmony and contemplation in any store and is a unique and eye-catching collection of furniture, which brings tranquillity and authenticity to your store in the most beautiful way.
We love the simple Nordic look and cannot wait to unplug and recharge in these fantastic looking pieces of furniture, can you?
Brown handmade wooden chair next to grey wall

Cushions with texture

With the couch comes two trendy cushions and one with the chair. The cushion covers are made of the natural material Jute from the city Cirebon.
Jute, better known as “the golden fibre”, is a long, soft and shiny vegetable textile fibre spun into coarse and strong threads that are easy to work with and which can be used for many purposes. The word “jute” is derived from the word “jhuta” or “jota”, which both are an Oriya word – Oriya is the local language of the Indian state of Orissa.
Jute is beside cotton, the most popular natural fibre used in production today. Jute fibres are primarily composed of the plant materials cellulose and lignin and the majority of the world’s jute grow in Bangladesh, where they are exceptionally skilled by working with the golden fibre. 

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