The beauty of imperfection

Lightness, “the imperfect”, and the incidental expression have been our guideline in this collection and is reflected in our patterns and choices of materials, where the motives appear to be painted directly on each cushion with graceful elegance and easy hand.

The gorgeous Birea collection consists of trendy watercolour inspired cushions made of cotton and linen in the colours linen and blue flintstone and paper napkins with the same beautiful motives.

Use the cushions as a new and nature-inspired element in your interior décor to create a summer expression in your store. With its unique design, the cushions reflect style and modernity and add a special atmosphere, which gives the spot in your store personality and a homely look. Let the fine and quirky Birea beetle and the enchanting butterfly add a natural and sophisticated touch to your store décor in a new and trendy way. Let your creativity create the perfect mood in your store.

Insects as print bring a natural spirit into the decor and are perfectly combined with the botanical trend, characterized by a green universe filled with plants, flowers and botanical motifs.

We love to bring the beauty of nature into our home and let the botanical trend create a natural calm and harmony in our home. Nature’s elements inspire us to think clearly, eat healthier and live greener.

A light brown cushion with a trademark beetle

Create correlation with textiles

Decorating with textiles creates correlation and a homely and personal mood in your décor. Bring easily new life to furniture by replacing cushions so it creates the right mood. The Nordic and Scandinavian interior décor trend has in a long time been characterized by the tight, clean and bright minimalistic look.
What we see now is a counter-reaction to that – the new tendency leads us towards the warmth and presence look. Towards the South’s values and traditions, pointing to a wealth of textiles and dark colours combined with our Nordic and Scandinavian minimalistic style.
Table setting with plates and napkins with butterfly

High absorbent napkins

The paper napkins are 3-ply, which make them highly absorbent. The white base of the napkins is produced without any use of Chlorine and the print colours are all water-based. All this to ensure you the best quality and the best for your health.
We care about environmental-, social- and economic responsibility, so the napkins are all approved for food contact and are FSC-certified, which means that we are helping to ensure the natural and social conditions in the forests.

Other design favourites

brown woven bench from with grey cushions


Our new furniture collection made of teak and cotton rope in beautiful macramé pattern.

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Two white outdoor flowerpots next to grey wall


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Black sidetable with grey mugs and plates


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brown chair with white fabric next to grey wall


Our new furniture collection made of teak and cotton rope in beautiful macramé pattern.

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