A hand-drawn beauty with a stylish feel of Japandi

The crane is one of the three major mystical animals, together with the dragon and the tortoise, and symbolises a long life. With their long lifespan, cranes were thought to live not just decades, but thousands of years, becoming virtually synonymous with immortality. At Japanese weddings, it is a symbol of loyalty.

Also associated with the qualities of honour and wisdom, cranes were believed to be intermediaries between heaven and earth, a messenger of the gods to humans, thus symbolizing the spiritual ability to enter a higher state of consciousness. Furthermore, the crane also represents a lasting soaring spirit, health, and happiness. Their white bodies stand for purity and their red heads denote vitality.

Ayuka chair

The crane and the magnolia flower, which are two central elements in Japan, are combined in this hand-drawn furniture design for a stylish feel of Japandi. The collection represents in the finest way both the Nordic as well as Japanese style. 

The chair is manufactured in soft velvet, which leads your thoughts towards Art Deco and the colour shows the growing trend for dark colours in interior design. The shape of the chair invites for hours of quiet and relaxing moments, and give you a good reason for reading an enjoyable book. 

The soft, glossy and elegant material is beautiful and very popular in the interior design. Inviting darker and warmer colours into your interior design is perfect during the autumn and winter season. Autumn and winter require cosy hooks, inviting for relaxed moments with a cup of coffee and your favourite book. A stylish armchair gives the room both a calm and decadent expression. 

Ayuka cushion

The design of the gorgeous cushion in this collection represents the Nordic roughness as well as Japanese symbolism in the finest way. The crane symbolizes longevity and good luck and the soft and elegant colours of the crane and magnolia flower adorn the dark blue basic colour. 

If there is one texture that will add an air of opulence and elegance to a room it is soft velvet with its tactile qualities and luscious look. Velvet is a textile, that just continues to be a huge trend within interior design. Velvet is synonymous with luxury and opulence. Velvet has the ability to create pleasure in our senses.

The dark colour of the soft velvet is at its peak in trend right now and leads your thoughts toward Art Deco, which has been trending for several seasons. The cushion has a heavy zipper in the bottom that gives this cushion a young and modern look. 

Trendy blue

Blue is a stylish and timeless colour and is everywhere at present in the modern interior design. Blue is a symbol of trust, honesty and loyalty. A reserved and traditional colour that fits into most homes, whenever you live bright and minimalistic or dark and cosy. The blue colour also has a purity and is said to be able to reduce stress as it creates a sense of calm, relaxation and control.

You can style your home by using the colour blue in many different ways. The cool blue shades can be heated by styling it together with wood and darker metals, whereas the warm blue shades can be cooled slightly down by using white colours and cool metals. It gives a gorgeous contrast between the colours and the materials as they are allowed to emphasize each other. 

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