The love of beautiful ceramics

Impress your costumers with this beautiful collection, which is designed in a timeless design by our own skilful designers at Lene Bjerre, who have found inspiration in nature, which radiates life and soul.
The beautiful Amera collection is made of ceramic in grey nuances with rounded and organic shapes and speaks to the modern and conscious person. Create your own personal décor in your store with this gorgeous Amera collection and add a natural and characteristic look to the table setting.
All the products demand a long manufacturing process, to ensure that they comply with the correct design and standards at Lene Bjerre.
hand holding a grey bowl in front of white wall
Hand holding a grey mug in front of white wall
Hand holding grey plate in front of white wall
Hand holding grey in front of white wall

Curious about how we make our Amera tableware? 

To ensure the perfect look for our gorgeous Amera collection, all items go through a long manufacturing process. The first step is making the clay from a mix of raw materials and water. This normally takes at least 2-3 days, to ensure the correct mix. Afterwards, the clay is cut into bits. This is done by a machine to make sure the right amount of clay is used.
When the clay is ready, the “body” is formed into the right shape by skilful craftsmen using a machine that presses the clay into a mould. The raw “body” is dried in a special kiln for at least 12 hours, and afterwards, it is cleaned and the rough edges corrected.
When the final shape is finished, it is dipped in the first layer of brown reactive glaze, this creates the brown edges. When the first layer is dry, the grey reactive glaze layer is sprayed on by hand. The item is now going into the kiln again for no less than 6 hours at 1250 degrees. 
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Every tableware item is unique.

When applying two layers of reactive glaze, the glaze is undergoing a chemical process during its time in the kiln. Because of this, a few factors come into play, when the final product is finished.

The position and humidity in the kiln can make a difference in the final product, as well as the shape of the element in the kiln. When making the clay it is very difficult to create the same mixture every time making the products, due to this, the products can vary as well. 

Because of this process, two pieces will never be the same.


Table setting with grey bowl, plate and crystal glass


When functionality and design go hand in hand

At Lene Bjerre, there will be no compromise with either functionality or design when our skilful designer and purchasers manage to create service that is something special and unique. We are convinced that it’s the small details that make the difference when it comes to choosing the perfect service, both regarding the design and the functionality. During a busy day is it important that the service is functional and easy to work with.
With our gorgeous Amera collection, we want to give you an experience of creativity and the best craftsmanship, which is reflected in the quality. 
grey bowls, plate and mugs on table in front of white wall

High-quality tableware in ceramic

Ceramic is hotter than ever! We love ceramic and good craftsmanship. Ceramic adds a charming look to the interior design and give you the perfect opportunity to add your own personal touch. Ceramic in the kitchen look both homely and inviting, where the natural colours complement the bright and Nordic expression well.
Spice up the table setting and create a new look for instance with our gorgeous new Amera collection. The characteristic design of the collection makes it ideal for both everyday use and for celebrations.
Keep Amera cool and trendy with rustic cutlery and heavy glasses or give it a romantic touch with fine cutlery and elegant glasses. The possibilities are many with this amazing collection, which we are very proud to present this season.

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