Our design favourites

We love creating designs that simply glow of a classic and feminine style. We constantly aim to invite nature inside the home, with natural materials and light colours. 

Quality and the application of handmade processes is also an aspect we believe in when designing and creating our collections. These handmade process makes every item unique and personal because they slightly differ from one to another. These small imperfections give soul to the design and truly give the opportunity to create a personal home decor setting. Small details that that creates a mood in your room. 

Norah is a outdoor furniture collection made of rattan - Lene Bjerre

The Norah series

Looking for a little inspiration to your Spring home decorations? Add a thoughtful atmosphere to your home with our Norah series. The series is handwoven by skilled artisans.

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Mandisa outdoor furniture made of sustainable bamboo - Lene Bjerre

The Mandisa series

In a world where eco-friendly home accessories and furniture is on the move, we want to contribute to providing you with more sustainable paths to go when choosing furniture for your home. Mandisa is just that!

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