Our focus products

At Lene Bjerre, we put our heart into the development of our products. We love to create and design our own unique products, which shows our DNA. Our focus products are characterized by its Scandinavian and classic design with a feminine touch. Our focus products are designed in the trend of the time, why we constantly are in an ongoing development process of new and trendy focus products.

Black peacock chair standing next to at grey wall


This season we are proud to present our new Ratia chair. The chair is designed with inspiration from the old classic "Peacock chair", which is a historical icon from the colonial era. In the early 1600s, European colonists brought beautifully woven products and furniture made of rattan from locations in Southeast Asia, but it wasn't before the 20th century that the peacock chair made its way to the United States.

Our Ratia chair is handmade in rattan in a fine natural vintage finish and woven by skilful artisans. The chair adds both soul and a luxury touch to the interior design.

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Bamboo daybed with white mattress

Mandisa daybed

The origin of the daybed takes us back to the ancient Roma, Greece and Egypt in the post-war era. They became particularly popular among designers and furniture architects and were often associated with wealth and luxury. Today daybeds are for everyone and is a thousand-year tribute to relaxation. Daybeds are not only beautiful and trendy but also functional and can be used in several rooms.

When it comes to modern interior design, a daybed is a must have. With a daybed in your home, you will create more space for relaxation and quality of life.

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Rustic black sidetables made of wood with golden effects


These characteristic side tables combine Scandinavian rustic design with the Japanese design technique "Kint Sugi". Kint Sugi means "repairing a crack with gold" and is not only a technique but also a philosophy, that embrace the flawed and imperfect.

The beautiful Emiko tables are processed by hand all the way through and are a piece of natural art with its organic shapes. 

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Black chair with magnolia and crane motif


The crane and the magnolia flower are combined in a beautiful way in this hand-drawn furniture design and reflect classic Scandinavian design and Japandi in a gorgeous combination.

The chair is manufactured in soft velvet, which leads your thoughts towards Art Deco and the colours show the growing trend for dark colours in interior design. 

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Two Sarah flower pots from Lene Bjerre created for outdoor use


The fine Sarah collection is created for our Spring|Summer 2018 collection and consists of decorative flowerpots and vases with a beautiful geometric pattern in various sizes.

The design is inspired by Art Deco, which is a style of visual arts and design. The collection is designed by our own skilful designer in a new and modern design. 

The collection consists of flowerpots for both indoor and outdoor use and is easy to maintenance. 

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Crosillia chair from Lene Bjerre with macrame details


The Crosillia collection is one of our absolute favourites from our spring | summer 2018 collection. The collection consists of a gorgeous chair, a bench and a stool, designed in a bright Scandinavian design. 
The use of the natural element in this furniture collection is guaranteed to create harmony and contemplation in any interior décor and is a unique and eye-catching furniture design that creates tranquillity and authenticity.

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