The embrace of Japanese simplicity and classic Scandinavian style

Our new Autumn | Winter collection is a classic Scandinavian collection created with inspiration from Japanese design and techniques. The Scandinavian and Japanese style creates in splendid interplay, Japandi.

Japandi is in this collection expressed in a distinct simplicity and distinctive aesthetics. The collection is a beautiful combination of classic Lene Bjerre and the Japandi trend by not exaggerating the Japanese elements. We still have a classical and feminine touch as our overall DNA and that is shown throughout the collection.  

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Scandinavian and Japanese design in a splendid interplay

In this collection, we embrace the love of the natural and handmade. The natural aspect comes forth in a wonderful mix of light and dark materials and natural and textured fabrics in a simple design.

The overall tone of Japandi is more electric than traditional Japanese interiors and beautifully highlights the Scandinavian style in combination with sophisticated Japanese inspired design. Japandi is expressed in the collection by our use of traditional Japanese symbols and techniques and dark muted colours.

We have worked with the expression "wabi-sabi", which is about finding beauty in the incomplete and the imperfect. 

Blue coloured velour chair and black table in Art Deco style

Enticing motives and detailed techniques

As main motives and through-going elements, we have worked with graphical patterns that have both a Nordic and a Japanese flavour.

A big part of the collection is inspired by Art Deco, which is a style of visual arts. Art Deco is associated with both luxury and modernity and combines exclusive materials and exquisite craftsmanship put it into modernistic pieces of furniture. 

Art Deco is expressed in several places in the collection. The Crane, which is a strong Japanese symbol draws the minds through Asia. Together with the magnolia, palm tree, the koi carp, grandiose floral motifs and Japanese sashiko patterns, it forms a Japandi inspired collection that draws the minds against the grandiose, saturated southern Europe. 

New seasonal must haves

The creation of the collection

Meet our designer Ditte in this video, where she tells about the thoughts in the creative process and in the creation of our Autumn | Winter 2018 collection.  


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Raw designed black shelf decorated with Japandi inspired items

Trend colours

This season's trend colours are characterized by a warm and neutral colour palette. In this collection, we have worked with muted colours and natural nuances. Dark deep blue nuances shows the beauty of gorgeous velour lampshades, a classic designed trolley, expressive cushions, and more beautiful products. Wood is used in different furniture and adds the collection a natural element. 

The use of colours in this collection is a gorgeous combination of the bright colour scheme of Scandinavian style, and the warm and natural one from Japanese.

The colours add a calm and cosy expression to the interior design and invite to enjoy the luxury moments. 

Black cabinet made in wood, decorative flower in basket

The joy of natural and handmade design

In an industrialized world that has technological advances as a focal point, it is a natural tendency, that we will seek back to more traditional crafts.
We love the beauty of handmade products and appreciate human beings as creators and a growing design movement where manual production has higher interest. We as humans experience a higher value in a flower pot moulded by hand, a mouth-blown glass lamp and a cushion cover sewn in hand because it shows a very special talent and genuine craftsmanship. We weight the small differences in the handmade design high because it makes each product unique. 
We have an increasing desire to stand out from the crowd and we try to do so by surrounding ourselves with unique designs. Handmade design creates soul and personality in the interior design and adds a lot of charm. 
In this collection, we have put our hearts in creating unique handmade products.

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