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At Lene Bjerre, we have a history of merging handicrafts with design and trends with tradition. We always take our history into account when designing timeless and classic design for our collections. We cherish classic design because it is not limited by trends and time. Classic design is able to live for a long time and can always be mixed and matched with more trend-based items. The combination of a classic style with trend-based items creates a unique and personal interior setting. 

"We create a mood in your room" 


Summer interior trends 2020

Spring | Summer 2020

Explore our wonderful Spring | Summer 2020 collection, which is influenced by the calm breeze of the seaside combined with a Nordic expression.

Feel how the comfortable tones of spring and summertime can breathe new life into your home decoration. The subtle, nature-inspired and handmade details can be seen in our new outdoor furniture, decorative flower pots, and soft textiles.

Dive into an inspirational world full of pleasant summer atmosphere with this exciting collection.

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Christmas 2020

Explore a wonderful universe of calmness and warmth this Christmas. Gather your loved ones where there is room to breathe and enjoy the small cosy moments of Christmas.

This collection is centred around the combination of brilliance and diamond glitter with the familiarity of stunning, pleasant, Scandinavian light colours.

Jump into a universe of majestic ornamentation and decorate a calm and harmonic home for Christmas. 

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Easter 2020

Welcome to our new wonderful cosy Easter 2020 collection, characterized by all the things you love of Easter - beautiful ornaments, cosy Easter figurines and Easter eggs, metallic and soft colours and of course playful and decorative rabbits and bunnies.

Our Easter collection features a wide range of home decoration and figurines, candles, cushions, votives, ornaments and much more. Go explore our Easter collection and get into the perfect mood for Easter.


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Autumn | Winter 2019

Our Autumn | Winter 2019 collection embraces the love of craftsmanship and the eye for the small details. The cosy Autumn | Winter season is perfect to do what you love most, spending time with loved ones and taking the time to relax. 

The collection is a classic Scandinavian collection added our characteristic feminine touch. This season we have worked with different materials, surfaces and textures to bring tactility into the collection. The colours are a gorgeous palette of soft neutrals and feminine metallics. 

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