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Change the feeling in any room with the right lightning

At Lene Bjerre, we are impassioned designs lovers and put our hearts in each design. We love to inspire and to be inspired, why we travel the world for inspiration. Since 1975 we have been designing gorgeous interior products and we have a history of merging handcrafts with design and trends with tradition. Read more about Lene Bjerre here.

"The right lamp creates the right mood"

Light is one of the most significant factors when you strive to set a special mood in any room. The way the volume of the light changes colours and the way the angle of the light casts different shades has a major impact on the feeling in any room. Just like you control the daylight shining through a window by adding different types of curtains you can also set a certain mood in a room by choosing a special lamp setting.

Lighting has not only a practical and decorative purpose. Light has a major impact on your personal mood and wellbeing, why the right lamp is essential for every room in any home and even more importantly – the individuals living there.

At Lene Bjerre, we have developed a wide range of different lamps in assorted designs. Whether you need to find a crystal chandelier for the dining room table, a classic chandelier for the hallway or a table lamp for the living room, we have a selection of lamps that will meet your needs.

"Get inspired by our chandeliers here."

Lightning is art

As a lighting retailer, you will surely know that a lamp not just is a source of light. It is also a piece of art that can help bring the entire room together and create the right atmosphere.

With an eye for small details, we have created chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps in all shapes and materials, with the aim of being able to please every soul and spread life and joy throughout any room. A perfect lamp is an individual choice from customer to customer. The right lamp depends on the actual room and the primary purpose of the lamp. The best choice will be made considering the look of the lamp itself, the type and colour of the lampshade and also the type of lightbulb. Finally, a very important thing to remember is the way the lamp looks booth turned on as well as off. Most of the time a lamp most likely will be turned off, but this doesn’t mean, that it cannot still decorate a room.

As a reseller of lamps from Lene Bjerre, you will be able to offer your customers a wide and varying selection of beautiful light sources for the entire home. We’re certain that your customers will find something they like – and hopefully a little something out of the ordinary.

Our mission is to create a mood in your room, and we invite you to join

Do you also have a passion for interior and lifestyle products? And do you also love design and have an eye for details? If so, you’ve come to the right place.  

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