Explore our extensive range of vases

Whether it's a beautiful vase for the dinner table or a subtle elegant glass vase for the entrance, maybe a large floor vase for the corner in the living room. Our range of vases in different sizes, shapes, colours and materials, matches every room in a home.  Explore our range of the flowers best friend below.

Vases can change moods

Just like diamonds are a girl's best friend, flowers also need a true companion throughout life - here vases are a trustworthy companion. Vases are a gratefull and excellent home decor item, which can change an entire mood in an interior decor setting. The same simple flower arrangement can have many expressions depending on which vase applied. From an edgy and contemporary vase in quirky textures to a more classic, tight and elegant looking vase with clean and tight surfaces - and that's just talking about the design.

Then colours, sizes, textures and much more also have an impact on the interior setting. Think of how different the flower arrangement would be depending on using large vase making the look bombastic, to a small vase making the look more vulnerable and cute. 

Different types pf modern glass vases

The beauty of glass vases

Vases are great attention grabber as a centrepiece on a table or small subtle elements of decor on a shelf - and vases in glass are really something special.

Glass vases have the unique capability of making the surrounding space more light and spacious, because of the ability to see through the material. There are many ways of being creative and playful with this capability, fading the glass in a bold colour is one of them. Colouring the glass with more bright and bold colours can create a playful surrounding due to the reflection of sunlight or light. Just imagine a windowsill with carefully placed glass vases lighting the nearby space in all kind of colours due to the sunlight. This can be a great way to create a more uplifting and cosy mood in a room.

But glass is so much more than just see-through or faded glass. It's also possible to create carefully detailed patterns on vases made of glass. Giving an organic and soft glow depending on the form and colour of the vase.





Ceramic vases with details

The multiple expressions of a ceramic vase

Whether a vase contains flowers, stands alone or grouped in clusters, vases are amazing. Vases can be used everywhere, they can be on a console table in the entrance, a bookshelf, a bedside table, or on a dinner table celebration something special with friends and family.

We offer an extensive range of ceramic vases with different colours, glazing techniques and textures. Some designs we are playfull with raw and organic textures, whereas other designs are more classic and clean in their expression.

Ceramic vases can have many different expressions. From a  natural and raw vase with a rustic and tactile finish, where small bumps in the surface add character and personality to the expression, to the more classic, soft and straight design creating a more luxurious expression.  

Creating a high-quality ceramic vase takes time. It starts with creating a mould containing the shape of the vase. Then the liquid ceramic is filled into the mould. After a while, the clay model is dry enough to be taken out of the mould and put into the first long burning in the kiln. When the item has cool down, the colour is added and burned again. That's the basic process of creating a ceramic vase, but manufacturing and designing vases is so much more,  depending on the design and expression.

There are different burning techniques and temperatures, different kinds of glazing techniques, different kinds of colouring techniques etc. All these aspects have an impact on the design and expression - that's why we love working with ceramics. 

Craftsmanship gives personality

A large part of our range of vases has been through the hands of skilled craftsmen. Craftsmanship means the world to us, the simple yet complicated process of having humans impacting the manufacturing process. running our designs through their capable hands.
All the manufacturing processes of our lovely Cassia vases with their tactile surface are done by hand and truly takes a great effort and craftsmanship to ensure the highest possible quality. Another great example of craftsmanship is our Marianna vases made in aluminium. Not only are they hand polished to make them matt and afterwards coloured by hand, but there are also no leftovers in the production because wrong or damaged vases can be melted again, making the process recyclable. 
Our vases can be glazed by hand, handpainted. shaped by hand, mouth-blown, finished by hand, have hand-created patterns or even be hand polished. All theses processes demand an incredible level of skill and craftsmanship. Some of the vases may have minor variations, or maybe small imperfections, but it all adds character and story to the item. When it's handmade you will never find two vases that are completely identical. By having a human touch on each item gives personality, character and soul to each and every item.
Who doesn't want to be different?

Floor vases and large vases

Explore our range of larger vases and floor vases suitable for every room in a home. We offer large vases and floor vases in a variety of materials both ceramics, glass, aluminium etc.

Each material type has its own unique capabilities and expression, whether the expression should be cosy, classic or bold. 

Large vases and floor vases are perfect as a centrepiece on a table or on the floor, especially when they are packed with fresh flowers and plants. Our range of artificial flowers will also do perfectly to suit both the season and your mood. Use for example fragrant flowers in the summer and cosy branches in the winter to embrace the season perfectly.

Classic inspired vases

It takes time to be a classic.

But luckily we have been around the design game for many years and we have many years of experience creating classical vases in all sizes, forms and shapes.

We believe that classic design is something that has timeless aesthetic appeal regardless of time and season. Colour has a large impact on how we perceive classic design. We keep the colour palette to light and simple colours such as grey, silver, white, black, dark chocolate and greyest blue shades. The great aspect of a classically designed vase is that they can be used in every decor setting and every room in a home.  

Just take a look at our elegant Nerie vase made of ceramics in a matt white colour or our Cilia vase which is a simple and lovely vase made of ceramics in a light blue colour.

Beautiful glass vases

Glass vases are fantastic.

We offer glass vases in various sizes and shapes, from small cute and curvy glass vases to larger vases perfect for our artificial flowers and plants on a shelf or windowsill. The beauty of glass vases is that they also act as a sculpture in its self. Some of our vases are mouth-blown, which makes each vase unique due to small variations of air bubbles in the glass.

Trying creating an arrangement of glass vases in different sizes on an empty shelf, bookcase or in a corner in your home. This gives a harmonic expression and spacious feeling, where the vases wonderfully play with sunlight or light.

We offer coloured glass vases, clear glass vases, faded glass vases, glass vases with patterns and much more. Each of the vases creates its own expression.

Vases with handles

A small extra addition to a vase can mean the world to its design and expression. Just take a glance at our vases with handles. The mere fact that they have handles gives them an extra dimension. On top of this, the different materials, sizes, colours and shapes of the vases also chips into the expression.

From a terracotta look that drives thoughts into a cosy exotic outdoor setting to a more elegant and exclusive look with an antique gold colour and glossy surface, which gives a sense of luxury and amplifies the feeling of quality.

Playful and modern vases

From season to season we take in inspiration from the world, our surroundings, nature and trends. All these inputs make us curious about how we could be more playful and experimenting in our designs, but still remembering keeping the Lene Bjerre design DNA clear and concise.

It's a challenge, but we love it.

We evaluate the materials we apply, the different types of surfaces, shapes, patterns and colours we can use to create different expressions of vases. We love to take the current trends into account and shape and form the trends into the Lene Bjerre universe and design philosophy.  Explore some of our vases with more tactile surfaces or vases where we combine different colours or vases where we combine different materials.