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An elegant lamp is nothing without the perfect companion - a gorgeous lampshade. Find the right colors and materials for your lamps. Create the most magical and enchanting atmosphere in your home. Sculpt the light from the lamp and let it illuminate your home. 

"Dive into an inspirational universe full of authentic and handmade lampshades!"


Danish wholesaler of handmade lampshades - Lene Bjerre


Our journey began with lampshades in 1975

Since the 1970s, Lene Bjerre has been designing in high-quality lampshades for the home. The very first lampshades in our collections were made by folding gift wrapping paper. 

A lot has happened since! Today, our lampshades are made in cotton, linen, polyester, and viscose. The colors of the lampshades follow the characteristic hues of the Lene Bjerre design DNA. The love and passion for the douche color palette, such as cloud grey, moonbeam, dark cement, and off white is what creates a traditional lampshade from Lene Bjerre.

A sense for details and craftsmanship

The craft matters to us! Some of the lampshades from our Plain Linen series are designed after the classic Lene Bjerre values - passionate and detailed craftsmanship. Every lampshade is carefully inspected by skilled hands. Everything from the metal frame to the 100% cotton fabric is shaped with inspiration from the beautiful and organic shapes of nature. The lampshade comes with a traditional Lene Bjerre monogram - the one that you remember from back in the days! With the Plain Linen series, you get the entire soul and spirit of Lene Bjerre into your living room - do not forget a matching lamp.

At Lene Bjerre, you can find unique lampshades that resonate with your personal taste and style. Our main objective is to offer home decor items with a longlasting design - discover some of our lampshades below.

Lamp shade in velvet colors from Lene Bjerre

Style your lamp with our great selection of handmade lampshades - every lampshade has a story to tell!

Our handmade lampshades:

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