Lene Bjerre wholesale jars

Do you have a favorite colour? Perhaps a distinct style or look? Well, you should find a jar that resembles your own personality and taste. And remember - you can never get too many jars for storage in your home!

"Dive into an inspirational universe full of feminine and elegant jars!"


Glass and ceramic jars from scandinavian wholesaler Lene Bjerre


Jars from Lene Bjerre can be decorated everywhere around your home. Add small touches of elegance and cosiness with a couple of jars in your living room.

"Organize your home with the right jars!"

The Miya jars - our glass darlings

A jar from the Miya series is not just another glass jar – it is a piece of art!

Besides drawing attention to your home decorations, the jar is also practical. You can store all your jewellery or other small trinkets in the jar - we think it is smart!

The size of our elegant Miya jar makes it easy to decorate your home. You can fit it in almost all your rooms.

The beautiful glass patterns on the jar are something truly special. Look closer at the jar. We have spent a lot of time on moulding the glass so that its expression stands out. Feel the glass with your hand. You will understand why we love our Miya jars - the glass feels magical.

Try to decorate your dresser or your bathroom with the Miya jar - see how it creates a personal mood in your decorations!


"High quality should be for everyone!"


Home decor wholesaler of glass jars - Lene Bjerre

The Miya jar is one of our icons. 

Handmade ceramic jars from Lene Bjerre

Ceramic jars made with passion 

Ceramic jars can fit in almost anywhere in your home. Our ceramic jars from the Callie series are shaped by hand and painted with beautiful glazing. It gives the jars their elegant expression. Our producers carefully inspect the jars during manufacturing. They make sure that each jar gets the right Lene Bjerre look.

The jars from this series come in different colors and sizes - then you are sure to find one, that fits the expression of your home decorations. And then they are great for storage. Store your jewellery or other trinkets with style in the Callie jar.

The jars can be a great decoration element in the living room as the colors and shapes fit together with other pieces of home decor from us - for example,  a couple of decorative vases on a decoration tray create an elegant mood together with a ceramic jar.

Click through the gallery below and get inspiration from a selection of our ceramic and glass jars.

Our gorgeous jars:

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