Lene Bjerre wholesale flower pots

All year round – flowers will always be an essential part of our home decorations. Their look or colours might change throughout the season, but they will still give the room a truly remarkable mood – that calm, natural and relaxing atmosphere. Combine them with decorative flower pots or vases for your own unique expression.

Do you have a favorite colour? Perhaps a distinct style or look? Well, you should find a flower pot that resembles your own personality and taste. And remember - you can never get too many flower pots for your home!

"Dive into an inspirational universe full of feminine and elegant flower pots!"


Scandinavian home decor wholesaler of flower pots - Lene Bjerre

Flower pots from Lene Bjerre can be decorated everywhere around your home. Add your favorite plants or flowers to the mood of your living room and make everything feel cosier!

"Bring nature to your home with the right flower pots!"

Flower pots for the quality-conscious

Are you looking for flower pots that are made with love and care? Your search is over. At Lene Bjerre, our passion and mission are to create flower pots with a feminine and elegant design. A distinct design you will remember and love. We have made strong bonds with our skilled suppliers that ensure the highest possible quality for your garden flowers, indoor plants or artificial plants. Their amazing skills in turning ceramics into a piece of art - a flower pot with a long-lasting design.

The flower pots should be a piece of home decor that brings life and soul to your plants and flowers - a great companion for creating a special atmosphere in your home.


"High quality should be for everyone!"


Combine handmade flower pots with candlelight from candlesticks - Lene Bjerre

Decorate your living room with decorative flower pots and lit candlesticks.

Scandinavian wholesaler of ceramic flower pots - Lene Bjerre

Many years experience as a flower pot wholesaler 

At Lene Bjerre, our main goal is to continue experiencing new designs, materials, and manufacturing ways. Combine them with our design-DNA and create a traditional design that feels new. Our many years of experience as a flower pot wholesaler has left us with one thing to remember:

"It is all about the story each flower pot has to tell!"

How that one handmade flower pot is bringing life to your home with its journey from being a stump of ceramic to, with a little help from a dedicated craftsman, evolving into a soulful piece of home decor. Our love will always be for the story of how each item is born and shaped by our skilled suppliers.

Click through the gallery below and get inspiration from a selection of our flower pots.

Our elegant & feminine flower pots:

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