Lene Bjerre wholesale cushions

At Lene Bjerre, we have designed cushions of high-quality for many years. Our speciality is creating cushions with elegant and feminine patterns. We have a range of cushions that have prints, embroidered monograms, pompoms, and fringes. 

The high quality of each cushion from Lene Bjerre can be found in the fabric and the duck feather-filled inner cushion. Every cushion comes with an inner cushion that is OEKO-TEX® certified - this is a quality stamp from us!

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Scandinavian designed wholesale cushions from Lene Bjerre

Give your living room a feeling of a calm atmosphere with the right cushions. 


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The trademark of Lene Bjerre cushions

Every home interior brand that offers cushions has its own distinct trademark or touch. The colors. The patterns. The shape. So how do you tell the difference from a Lene Bjerre cushion and other brands' cushions? Well, we have a long tradition for creating cushions with a special look and with a emphasise on the smallest details. A cushion from us is both soft and a beauty in itself. The moment you let your hand feel along with the decorative patterns, you know that each cushion is made with a great deal of passion and dedication. Our patterns go from small illustrations, quilted designs to crocheted surfaces. The patterns on the cushions are inspired by nature's beautiful shapes and colors.

Cushions are not just cushions to us - it is a piece of art that we display in our living room or bedroom. Let your own style and taste shine through your home decoration with an array of personal cushions. 


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Decorate a cosy living room with cushions that match the look of the home decor.

Patterns of scandinavian wholesale cushions - Lene Bjerre


A unique pattern or a stunning colour are often those details in the home decoration, that our guests notice when they visit our homes. The same can be said about the cushions that we choose to decorate our rooms with. Go on a journey for a cushion with the expression, that matches the atmosphere in your own home. Transfer your own personality through a unique collection of cushions and piece them together with other pieces of soft textiles. Your home, your story.

Click through the gallery below and get inspiration from a selection of our cushions.

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Our decorative cushions:

Wholesaler of Scandinavian designed cushions - Lene Bjerre

Our cushions should be touched

A soft cushion is essential in every couch, bed or daybed. Many of our cushions are made of the softest cotton. Other cushions are made of a combination of wool and cotton - it will for sure be the recipe for a comfortable and lovely experience when you lean back in the couch or armchair.

You can find cushions that are fluffy, elegant, designed with Art Deco, or just beautiful to look at. If you are into a little more elegance, then find a decorative cushion with pompons - there is almost 100% guarantee for providing your home with a unique mood!

At Lene Bjerre, our aim is to be a cushion wholesaler that value high quality and handmade designs.

"Tuck in tight and surround yourself with an array of decorative cushions!"

Interested in our cushions?

We are constantly on the lookout for dedicated and passionate retailers that admire good handcraft and want to be a part of the Lene Bjerre team. We want to share our love for gorgeous and elegant home interior with the rest of the world - do you want to be a part of that journey?

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