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At Lene Bjerre, we have a great passion for creating homes that look and feel cosy. Every piece of home decor is designed with a story to tell. A story that you can tell your guest through decoration with our personal and handmade home decor.

This is no exception to our selection of candlesticks and votives. We have spent many hours designing a candlestick or votive that creates an elegant atmosphere in your room. Lene Bjerre has been a wholesaler of candlesticks and votives for many years - here we combine our experience with high-quality designs. Let us show you why our candlesticks and votives will give your home a wonderful mood.

"Dive into an inspirational universe full of candlesticks and votives!"


Wholesale candlesticks - Lene Bjerre

Introduce your dinner table to a world of elegance with a brass candlestick in silver colors - spread joy and cosiness with candlelight! 


"Let your own personality shine through your home decorations!"

Create "hygge" with candlelight

In Denmark, we are really good at getting cosy and comfortable and we call that ‘hygge’. In fact, ‘hygge’ is something we are known for all around Europe. It is a concept that is a little difficult to translate directly, and therefore it is something that really is our own. When Danes talk about ‘hygge’, it often involves food and drinks, be it a good steak, a bag of sweets or a good glass of wine. But for many, ‘hygge’ also means getting comfortable on the couch, with a good movie and candlelight.

Create a cosy atmosphere in your home with beautiful candle holders in all shapes and sizes. These candlesticks can be combined exactly the way you want them to fit your style. Candlesticks can look quite classic in glass, with a fine pattern, bursting with colors or more simple in porcelain. Gather your favorite candlesticks in different shapes within the same color palette so you can create your very own personal style in exactly the way you want.


"Light some candles and feel the cosy atmosphere enter the room!"


Scandinavian wholesaler of candlesticks and votives - Lene Bjerre

Decorate your living room with candlesticks or votives in glass. Find a matching candle.

Scandinavian wholesaler of candlesticks and votives - Lene Bjerre

Choose a votive that fits your style 

If you need a couple of candlesticks to create a cosy atmosphere in the living room, kitchen or the bedroom, you can find what you are looking for at Lene Bjerre. Our selection of candlesticks is wide and varied and we want to guarantee that you can find some that fit into your home. Choose beautiful, colorful candlesticks in glass that, due to the design, reflect the flame in the glass and create a beautiful light. You can also opt for candlesticks designed out of small, hand-carved glass mosaics. These candlesticks have a touch of something oriental, which is great when the rest of your interior is decorated in a similar way. It may also be that our porcelain candlesticks fit better into your home

Click through the gallery below and get inspiration from a selection of our candlesticks and votives.

"Tell your own story with elegant candlesticks or gorgeous votives!"

Our elegant candlesticks & votives:

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