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At Lene Bjerre, we love the small but important details and we love telling stories with our designs. Our assortment ranges from the classic and feminine design to the more quirky and personal detailed home decor, either way, our broad range of home decor items just waits to be explored.

Home decor from Scandinavian wholesaler Lene Bjerre

Home decor inspired by the world

At Lene Bjerre, we are impassioned design lovers and put our hearts into each design. We love to inspire and to be inspired, why we travel the world for inspiration. Since 1975 we have been designing gorgeous interior products and we have a history of merging handcrafts with design and trends with tradition. Read more about Lene Bjerre here

"Home decor for any home"

A home is much more than just a place to live in. It is our private oasis and reflects our personality. Our home is where we surround ourselves with the things we love and enjoy our lives with family and friends. Every home is as unique as the individuals living in it and we all add small interior details to our homes to make it feel even more like home. Somehow we connect to the items and feel they help tell our personal story in our home. We simply add these home decor items because we like either the design, the story or the look they add to a room. These details are what give our home's personality and what turns a house into a home.

With our extensive range of high-quality home decor items, the key is to master the art of limitation, choosing just the right range of items which corresponds with the desired target group. Be sure to let us in the loop where we will do our very best to make the decision-making process easier when choosing the perfect assortment.

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Personal home decor

Every season we travel the world and gather inspiration in the effort of designing beautiful home decor products in high quality. We offer coarsely knitted throws, fine woven blankets, decorative and trendy cushions, votives, vases, frames, baskets, curtains, candlesticks, lanterns and flowerpots – just to mention a few options.

Our home decor is carefully manufactured with the eye for the details and undergone strict quality control to ensure the best possible design. Many of our items have been either mouth-blown or handmade by skilled craftsmen. These handmade processes make each home decor item unique, with their own personality and story to tell. By working with these handmade processess, we encourage the beholder to find beauty in imperfection, just like in nature. This way our home decor items always have their own unique story to tell, where each design can help turn houses into a home. 

Our selection of home decor products is designed in a wealth of different colours, shapes, sizes, materials, textures and structures, all with an eye for the small details. As a home decor wholesaler, we offer home decor products, that fits into a vast array of interior styles and looks. All of the interior styles and looks are rooted in our design philosophy of designing interior items in a classic and feminine style.

Our offered designs styles ranges from raw textures in raw natural materials, that fits into industrial and urban environments to more classic and traditional designed home decor products where restraint, symmetry, sophistication and appeal to antiquity, are reflected in our classic and traditional designed products.

These types of products are perfect for creating coherence in interior design. The mentioned styles are just some of the types of home decor designs we offer as a wholesale supplier of home decor. 


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Home decor trend material: Soft velvet

Velvet is experiencing new popularity within home decor. Velvet consists of woven silk or cotton fabrics that can have either a smooth or ribbed surface depending on the weaving. The former royal fabric has a nice soft and elegant structure, that adds an edgy touch to the interior. The soft fabric has become a synonym of luxury and glamour. It is soft to touch, exudes comfort and style whilst being durable which makes it great for standout for home decor pieces. 

The ribbed velvet sends our mind back to the 70s, where it was a very popular fabric both for interior and clothing. Velvet allows you to be creative with the expression of the decor due to its lively structure and tactile surface. The tactile fabric makes us want to explore, touch and sense.

Velvet wholesale cushions from Lene Bjerre

Cushions by Lene Bjerre

High-quality vases

A fine vase arranged with beautiful flowers signals positive energy and spreads joy. The beauty of flowers help create a special atmosphere in a room and a fine vase can help reinforce this ambience. It can be difficult to choose the perfect vase for a room, but there is always space for another decorative vase. Try combining several vases in various sizes and shapes, it creates a lovely and personal effect in the interior. Arrange favourite home decor products in clusters and create a beautiful corner with beautiful flowers in the windowsill, shelf or wherever it fits. Explore our range of glass vases, floor vases, ceramic vases and much more right here.




Cushions to create a unique home decor

Cushions are an absolute must-have in every home and help to emphasize the right look in the living room, bedroom or children's room. Sit back with a soft cushion in the back and enjoy the relaxing feeling. At Lene Bjerre, we offer cushions in fine natural materials like cotton, wool and linen. Common to these natural materials is that they are extremely durable and feels extremely comfortable. 

Due to a rapidly expanding technological community, we as humans long for stimulation our tactile sense. The tactile sense makes us want to explore, touch and sense, which attracts our attention in a new and different way. We have this in mind when designing our cushions, which is expressed in the variety of structures, textures with focus on tactile surfaces.

All of our cushions have a soft OEKO-TEX® certified inner cushion underneath - read why you should choose OEKO-TEX® certified textiles here.





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As a webshop, it is a pleasure to create products from Lene Bjerre, as image material, texts and files are delivered to us on an easy and accessible way, and here the quality is high"

- Carsten Hornsleth - Owner of By Hornsleth

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