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At Lene Bjerre, we challenge the ordinary and the mundane. We love playing with details and quirky ideas, and it is often the combination of these two things that create something magical. For us,  furniture is not just an item of furniture – it’s an essential part of the room. This is why we have developed a wide range of furniture in a variety of designs and shapes using the best materials. Furniture by Lene Bjerre is all created with inspiration from nature. 

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More than just furniture

At Lene Bjerre, we are impassioned designs lovers and put our hearts in each design. We love to inspire and to be inspired, why we travel the world for inspiration. Since 1975 we have been designing gorgeous interior products and we have a history of merging handcrafts with design and trends with tradition. Read more about Lene Bjerre here. 

"High-quality furniture design"

Whether you are a large furniture reseller with a wide range of interior design products, or a small retailer looking for that unique cabinet, couch or chair to complete your assortment – we would love to introduce you to our collection of interior design furniture. Based in the northern part of Denmark we proudly create our furniture with great inspiration from our very popular Danish design. However, we have made it our speciality to combine Nordic design trends with a little touch of other and more exotic furniture designs.

Furniture design for you

At Lene Bjerre, we challenge the ordinary and the mundane. We love playing with details and quirky ideas, and it’s often the combination of these two things that lead to something magic like a chair or a sofa that stands out in the crowd. For us, an item of furniture is not just an item of furniture – it’s an essential part of the room. This is precisely why we have developed a wide range of furniture in a variety of designs and shapes using a variety of materials.

If you’re looking for a light industrial inspired furniture assortment for your shop, have a look at our dark Depot collection. You will find light iron cupboards, cabinets, shelves, bookcases and much more. They are all handmade by skilled blacksmiths and painted black to an elegant, stylish and somehow raw look. Our Depot collection adds an attention-demanding frame to whatever you choose to store or display on these furniture items and they will most definitely work as a delicate eyecatcher in your shop.

You should also save a little time to meet our popular Mandisa furniture. Though we also have some dark variations in green or black, this is an entirely different range of furniture made of the very sustainable material bamboo. Our Mandisa furniture works perfectly as the little deviant detail between other beautiful furniture. Add an exotic touch to your bedroom with our decorative room divider or place our bamboo shelf ladder in your living room and feel the summer vibes spread.

Mandisa can also be used outdoors and is actually also part of our outdoor furniture selection. Our Mandisa furniture is a wonderful opportunity to create a spot of exotic summer feeling in your shop - bringing sweet holiday memories to your customer’s mind, as they visit your store.

Find your personal favourites

As your new design furniture wholesale partner, we offer you lots more than just chairs, stools and tables. Our extensive catalogue also includes large soft couches, benches and pouffes as well as a small wall-mounted bookcase and a smart chest of drawers on wheels.

We can supply large display cabinets and also a great variety of impressive mirrors and beautiful lamps. If your retail shop provides furniture and home accessories for any room in the house as well as the garden – chances are that we have something you and most importantly your customers would like.

As a Lene Bjerre furniture retailer -  whether you are online, a small interior shop or a large furniture reseller, you can choose between several different furniture styles and designs. In addition to this, we also have our quite extensive range of home décor, kitchen accessories, bath accessories, lamps, outdoor furniture, artificial flowers and plants and candles, all products in many different styles and designs. This gives you the perfect opportunity to style your interior shop exactly the way you wish – or even in different individual styled sections. Should you need a little inspiration on how to style your shop we are also ready to give you some directions and ideas.


Furniture Interior trend 2019: Traditional craftsmanship & handmade design

The love for traditional craftsmanship and handmade design will continue to be a huge interior trend in 2019. Values like sustainability, craftsmanship and the natural will be some of the buzzwords 2019 will be characterized by. Tendencies show, that we as individuals want to symbolize that we care about nature, by buying ecology and choose natural materials when decorating our home. In addition, there also is an increasing trend in modern society, that we want to live a natural and a simple life.

We value handmade products with a good story and a personal expression. We love that there are people behind the manufacturing processes of the products, which makes each product unique and adds a good story. Handmade products are more and more loved because of their uniqueness and imperfection, with the increasing popularity of handmade products. In 2019 the product design trend goes towards imperfection, tactile and handmade qualities.

Read more about the biggest interior trends for 2019 here.

Rattan peacock chairHandmade chair made in rattan - Photo from the SS19 collection by Lene Bjerre.

Sustainsble furniture design

At Lene Bjerre, we care about the environment and we are proud of making the nature a part of our DNA in our furniture designs. With the ambition of creating sustainable furniture design, which is light and practical and at the same time decorative and unique, we have created the characteristic Mandisa bamboo furniture collection. Bamboo is one of the most beautiful and sustainable natural materials and contributes to a positive environmental effect. 

Our Mandisa bamboo furniture collection is characterised by 100% organic and handmade furniture design made in Vietnam by very skilful craftsmen. The collection consists of a wide selection of chairs, sofas, benches, tables, sunbeds, shelves, bookcases, ladders, room dividers, loungers, parasols and daybeds - all made in 100% organic bamboo. 

By choosing sustainable furniture designs, you can furnish with a good conscience and at the same time bring a trendy and characteristic furniture design inside. Our Mandisa bamboo furniture collection can be styled just the way you like and you can easily mix and match it with other interior styles. 

Modern industrial furniture design

Modern industrial furniture design contributes to a raw and exclusive expression in your interior design. The furniture is timeless but still modern. 

At Lene Bjerre, we have developed our Depot collection, which exudes the beauty of modern industrial furniture design with a raw look. The furniture in the Depot collection is the very best combination of masculinity and exclusivity. Our Depot furniture collection is manufactured in India, which is known for their good craftsmanship. The furniture collection is made of iron bars, iron plates, glass and mango wood, depending on which kind of furniture it is. Parts are cut from the raw materials and the furniture is then welded and assembled by hand. As the final process, the furniture is powder coated with black paint. Each furniture in our Depot collection is due to the manufacturing process and the natural material unique. 

A style of luxury and golden details

Our home is a retreat and for many, that means it should feel luxurious. The luxury interior style is often varied depending on who you are. For some, it relates to the aesthetic interior, while for others, it is associated with grandness and opulence. Luxury interior design can be achieved through various styles, all of them bringing a new touch of visual luxury into the interior. Luxury interior design makes a house a home. 

At Lene Bjerre, we design furniture design, that fits perfectly into the style of luxury. Our designs exude extravagance, exclusivity and will add a touch of luxury into any room. Our exclusive Nara trolley is just one example of, how we incorporate a luxury touch to our furniture designs. 

Classic furniture design

Classic designed furniture is a must-have in every home and reflects personality in a distinct way. At Lene Bjerre our classic furniture is designed in a timeless design, that not only fits into the classic and traditional home but also as an eye-catching piece of furniture in other interior styles. Our Santena furniture created with inspiration by the popular Chesterfield look is created in a new interpretation and reflects the beauty of classic design in a fine way. The original Chesterfield look originates from England at the end of the 18th century and exudes comfort and luxury. 

Another Lene Bjerre classic is our Dara collection, which consists of a sofa and a chair in a beautiful, comfortable and voluminous Scandinavian classic design. Furniture that reflects style and comfort at the highest level. The collection is made of oak wood high-quality foam and linen, which is both practical, modern and classic. Besides all the classic furniture designs, we also supply a wide selection of home decor, that fits into this style. 

"The rustic and Nordic combined with a homely cosiness and warmth were spot on in comparison to what we were looking for and we were even lucky to get lots of good inputs for our decor. We regularly use Lene Bjerre to make our shop even more enjoyable and we will certainly use their products and expertise when designing and opening more stores". 

Frederik Løwe, CEO and founder of We Feat

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