Lene Bjerre wholesale candles

Burning candles warm up the room and make the homely atmosphere a little cosier. We love to create a cosy mood in our home with evocative candles and feel the flames create peace and harmony. Let a relaxed mood spread out and be inspired for cosy moments. 

"Candles create homes"

Lene Bjerre wholesale candles


Candles create cosiness

At Lene Bjerre, we are impassioned designs lovers and put our hearts in each design. We love to inspire and to be inspired, why we travel the world for inspiration. Since 1975 we have been designing gorgeous interior products and we have a history of merging handcrafts with design and trends with tradition. Read more about Lene Bjerre here.

"High-quality candles for any occasion"

At Lene Bjerre, we have a wide selection of quality candles in many different colours, shapes and sizes. The vast majority of our candles are made from mineral paraffin, which has much better properties than any ordinary wax.

There’s nothing like a lit candle to spread a warm and cosy mood whether it’s from a couple of large candlesticks on the dining table or from a set of beautiful lanterns standing out in your garden. The light of the blazing flame has an almost hypnotic and calming effect that we love to gaze upon during dark evenings all year round. To us, candles are absolutely indispensable when it comes to creating a personal and cosy atmosphere in a room.

Quality & aesthetics

Our candles offer the very best combination of quality and aesthetics – decorating and attracting attention, even when they are not lit. We’re continuously developing new collections with exciting textures, surfaces and colour combinations to enrich the look.

The raw expression is frequently seen in our interior design and appeals to modern décor. Materials with a raw expression make your décor personal and charming. Our absolute bestselling candles are our series of rustic candles. These candles are dyed and then moulded layer upon layer around the wick, and it is this approach that gives them their rustic look. Our collection of rustic candles is available in nine different sizes and have a burn time of up to 120 hours.

Candles for any occation

Whether you are looking for large or small candles, whether they are for candlesticks, lanterns or a decoration please have a look at our wide selection of elegant candlesticks, pillar candles and decorative scented candles. We even have a selection of LED-candles that looks so realistic you’ll try to blow them out when you need to turn them off. 

Beautiful and decorative candles light up the good mood and add a gorgeous look with detailed textures and trendy motives.  The design of the candles are kept stylish and elegant, which makes them ideal to combine with other candles or fine decorative items, so you can create your own personal expression.

With us, as your new quality candle wholesaler, you’ll be able to offer your customers a wide selection of beautiful candles for any purpose and any occasion.

"It is the little details that make your house a home"

"We are incredibly pleased with this cooperation.
We are presented several times a year with a wide range of exciting products, at great prices, as well as high quality.
As a webshop, it is a pleasure to create products from Lene Bjerre, as image material, texts and files are delivered to us on an easy and accessible way, and here the quality is high"

- Carsten Hornsleth - Owner of By Hornsleth

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