Lene Bjerre wholesale bath towels

A soft bath towel is essential in every bathroom. A nice and soft towel creates extra well-being after a relaxing bath. Feel more comfortable wrapping a soft towel around your body from Lene Bjerre knowing that it is made from 100% cotton and has an OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Our towels are available in different textures and in several beautiful, subdued colours to suit any bathroom.

At Lene Bjerre, we strive to offer bath towels in the highest quality. We are a wholesaler of bath towels that has a great passion for good design - let us show you why!


Lene Bjerre wholesale bath towels

Give your bathroom a feeling of luxury and a calm atmosphere with the right bath towels. 


"Comfort is essential to a relaxed wellness feeling!"

Laurie is our bath towel darling

Quality, soft materials and sustainable handwoven techniques – this towel has everything that will make your bathroom feel like the most comfortable and luxurious room in the world! With the Laurie series, we have made a statement to produce high-quality towels that last long into the future.

The Laurie series is a great example of not compromising high-quality materials and exceptional Danish design. The details on each handwoven pattern are what create the elegant expression of these towels.

What is a bathroom with no towels? Well, not that interesting, we would say… Towels with tones and patterns that matched the overall colors palette in the room are a great way for creating a truly unique atmosphere – why not let our Laurie series create a magical mood that will make your guests feel at home!


"Feel the incredibly soft fabric with your fingers!"



A trustworthy companion to your bathroom sink will always be a soft cotton bath towel.

OEKO-TEX® certified bath towels from interior wholesaler Lene Bjerre


What does the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate means to you? It ensures that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production of our towels. This means that you will get a towel that you can consume with a good conscious and enjoy for many years. The Laurie towels are, for example, dyed reactive colors that makes the color last longer – and this process is therefore done with no harmful chemicals.

You can read more about our OEKO-TEX® certified textiles here.

Our goal is to act on more sustainable solutions for our production methods – these are some of the steps toward this overall goal of Lene Bjerre Design: A better future for home decorations.

"Enjoy every moment you spend with our towels and wrap your body in the soft handwoven fabric!"

Our Laurie bath towels:

Bamboo bench on a bathroom with abaca handwoven baskets from wholesaler Lene Bjerre

Bath towels that last longer

If you treat your towels properly, you can enjoy them for many years. New towels should be soaked in cold water for up to 24 hours before use. It contributes to increased suction power, which you will certainly appreciate. Always wash your towels at a minimum of 60 degrees so that all bacteria gets killed. In the future, you might also want to add a little vinegar to the washing cycle - since vinegar helps to preserve colours. So there are several things you can do to maintain your towels, which are not taking up that much effort.

At Lene Bjerre, we strive to find suppliers that can produce home interior that can last for many years. We want to offer you a lovely selection of luxury towels that will quickly make you warm and dry after a bath.

Interested in our OEKO-TEX® bath towels?

We are constantly on the lookout for dedicated and passionate retailers that admire good handcraft and what to be a part of the Lene Bjerre team. We want to share our love for gorgeous and elegant home interior with the rest of the world - do you want to be a part of that journey?

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