Lene Bjerre wholesale artificial flowers & plants



High quality artificial flowers and plants

No matter which kind of interior design reseller you are, your shop will without a doubt benefit from a selection of beautiful green plants and colourful flowers. When you choose Lene Bjerre as a supplier of super realistic but artificial flowers you get exactly the green feeling for your shop you wish for but without the hazel of watering and taking care of real plants and flowers.

Our decorative flowers and plants are all of the highest quality, and in fact, they are so realistic that you would be excused for thinking that they were genuine. Each flower and plant is carefully handcrafted and decorated by a skilled artisan – every little plant is a piece of art.

Large selection of flowers and plants

We are continuously expanding our impressive selection of decorative plants and flowers, to ensure that we meet your customers’ needs and wishes. We have beautiful artificial pine and coniferous trees for the winter, while we have colourful lilies, roses and orchids for the summer months – just to mention a few. Besides the fact that our decorative plants and flowers don’t need any caretaking, they also invite to much more creative use than genuine ones. An artificial flower doesn’t mind the cold or heat or even draft. This allows for use of different types of plants and flowers in places where it would normally not be possible.

Explore our universe of flowers and plants and create your favourite bouquet of our lifelike flower stems and branches. As a reseller of our beautiful flowers and plants, you will be bringing a little taste of nature into your store and at the same time offering your customers a wide and varied selection for many purposes. Combine them with our beautiful vases.

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