A tale of design, passion, creativity and responsability

Back in the early 1970s, Lene Bjerre worked at a shipping office. But her creative soul was calling her again and again and in 1975 she set it free. Folding lampshades out of gift wrapping paper she took her first steps into the world of interior design. 

In the 70s and 80s the interior design industry was in its infancy and Lene Bjerre, Scandinavian Country Collection, was a pioneer in the market and rapidly became one of the leading companies in the Home & Lifestyle market being very strong on textile design and quality.

Lene Bjerre Design is historically a family-owned business. Lene and her husband Peter worked together taking the brand across the borders of Denmark. Their daughter was a large part of the company for years, and even their dog had its own corner of the office every day.

Bjarne Poulsen and Suzanne Sand the owners of Lene Bjerre Design A/S

Owners of the brand

In 2006 Suzanne Sand & Bjarne Poulsen bought the company having a dream of bringing Lene Bjerre Design A/S even further into large export markets. Bjarne, with a career as an accountant and Chief Financial Officer in a large company, soon updated the structure of the company, and Suzanne, with impeccable taste and flair for design, wanted to give the style a makeover – going from a very romantic, floral and colourful expression to a contemporary, Nordic and organic look – both staying completely true to the DNA of the company.

The company is still a family-owned company. Suzanne and Bjarne are working closely together every day to give the brand the very best conditions to flourish. Today their daughter, Catharina, is a very large part of the company working as Team Leader of the Marketing team. In 2020 the company has been reinforced with capital from a German investor whose main goal is to increase sales in Germany and thereby expanding the customer base by millions. The owner group also counts our new CEO Per Nybo Nielsen who has a long and solid background in the interior business and is already part of the Lene Bjerre family.

The Lene Bjerre head office entrance and a Lene Bjerre sign in front

Lene Bjerre and the world!

Today Lene Bjerre Design A/S is represented in large parts of the world. Where in the beginning our home market was the largest, today it is the smallest - but still an important market to us. We want to stay true to the Lene Bjerre DNA – caring for details, making sure most of our designs have a story to tell. About the material, it is made from, the hands that have touched it or how many processes it has been through. But also, about where it is “born”. 

We design from our home office in Nibe where the light is special, nature is diverse and our office building reflects the values we have. We love the nature and we try to bring it into our products as often as we can. We love to create contrasts in our work – the refined feminine look combined with raw materials giving the design the just right “edge”. Or the very detailed cut-out patterns in lanterns made from lava stone. We love the details, the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of handmade products.

With love from Lene Bjerre

Lene Bjerre always used the phrase: with love from Lene Bjerre. We all still have that feeling in everything we do, and our hope is that it shows. That shows how much we love our brand, our products, our jobs. We take pride in finding the suppliers that also have that feeling. Whether it is in how they manufacture our products, the benefits they give the workers, how many trees we re-plant when using them for furniture, chopping boards or vases. Or in how we represent our brand.     

We care about the world, about nature, about people. And we want our brand to represent that. Sustainability and social responsibility are important – and we are making more and more of our choices based on just that.

Lene Bjerre deep blue coloured velour chair and a black depot cabinet

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We cherish classic & feminine design because it is not limited by trends and time. Classic design is able to live for the years to come and have the unique capability of being able to be mixed and matched with more trend-based items. The combination of a classic style with trend-based items creates a unique and personal interior setting. Explore our range of collections, which covers all the seasons of the year. 

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A beautiful green forrest on a hill with blue skies


We find so much inspiration in our beautiful nature. Colours of the forest, the beach, the ocean - we discover new shades of blue each time we look at it. Patterns from shadows, the sea washing over the sand or from exotic animals. 

When we travel the world looking for inspiration, new products, or new materials to work with, we are very determined that it should be sustainable materials. 

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