Lene Bjerre creative director Suzanne Sand

Suzanne Sand, Creative director

As a person, I am incredibly curious about new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, new ways of using materials and colours, and not least exploring the world we are all a part of. I love travelling and experiencing, and I find the meeting with a new culture incredibly inspiring. Every time we are on inspirational trips to London, New York or Milan, we always discover something new, we get inspired and we get new ideas, and that's the driving force behind my daily work, as creative director in Lene Bjerre.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Some of my very big key issues are ecology, sustainability and social responsibility. I appreciate the nature that surrounds us, and therefore we are very conscious of the design team to find materials that are sustainable and thus reusable. In addition, we as a company and fellow human beings have a great social responsibility. We are very focused on our products coming from orderly productions, respecting human rights and not releasing toxic gases into the environment. These areas are a constant focal point for us.

Inspiration travels

Besides the fact that our travels to exciting places are the inspiration for new collections, the travels give me a breath of fresh air. I love the hustle and bustle of the great big cities, but at the same time, I am a great fan of the peace and quiet that prevails in my hometown. The combination of these opposites is fantastic and helps me to surpass and enjoy an otherwise hectic everyday life.

Organic lifestyle

In my personal life, these key issues are also very important to me - I only buy organic food and I am very aware that the products I use on my body, in my home, and everywhere else, are organic. Even my floor soap at home is organic and the packaging is sustainable - yes, I'm kind of a nerd about these issues, and I always will be. I feel that we all have a great responsibility to take care of the earth so that my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren get as much pleasure out of it as I have.

The most important thing in my life

In addition to my key issues, my family is the most important thing in my life. I am a family person beyond all limits and I love the nice moments around the evening meal with my children and husband or an evening ride with my daughter who happily share the same interest for horses like myself. Here we have many good conversations about everything between heaven and earth, and we can afford to nourish our interest in horses without anyone getting tired of listening to us.


A passion and a lifestyle

Another great pleasure is to travel with my family. We have been travelling with the kids since they were babies several times a year, and the whole family always enjoy it when we leave. It's a great break from everyday life, and we always have lots of fun together doing other things. Although travelling with the family is a pure holiday, I cannot help but take in ideas and impressions, which I can use in a design context. I think that our work will follow us wherever we go because it's something you are so passionate about, and for me, it's not only a job but a passion and a lifestyle.

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