Taking over a Danish design company with lots of history

Lene Bjerre Design has existed since 1975 and was an established company and a well-known brand when we took over the company. In collaboration with Lene Bjerre, we should run the company for the first five years. After five years where Sanne and I had learned all about the company and the world of interior design, Lene Bjerre was to retire from the company. However, after only two days as company owners, Lene Bjerre became seriously ill and had to withdraw completely from daily operations after only a few months, leaving Sanne and me in charge of a company and a world that we knew very little about.

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Overcoming the challenges during the financial crisis

After some time, learning by doing, we got the business under control and we had a lot of success. It was such an exciting and challenging time, and I loved it! Unfortunately, the financial crisis suddenly entered and hit us like it did so many others. This was the next large challenge that we had to overcome. The phone calls and emails stopped from one day to the other, and it was a very unsettling time. I always had the feeling, though, that we would get through the crisis as I knew I was surrounded by skilled and highly competent people - and we did!

Almost at the same time as the financial crisis entered, the major hardware chains in Denmark, which Lene Bjerre Design was a major supplier to, was transformed into capital chains. This gave us several new challenges, as the price became crucial. The discount wave was raging everywhere and I must admit that it was a bit challenging!

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The new minimalistic wave in the interior industry

In response to the financial crisis, minimalism and the very simple look in the interior industry took over and gave the Lene Bjerre brand even more challenges. Now we had to change our design strategy, but still with a great respect for the Lene Bjerre DNA that makes our brand unique.

As the industry described, more had happened during the last 2-3 years than in the previous 10-15 years in the industry. Not surprisingly we felt like we were on a rollercoaster ride. Fortunately, the crisis resumed, and the wheels began to roll again.

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Becoming a digital design business

Today, we see a new revolution flush over us – this time it’s not a financial crisis or a discount wave, but a technological wave that gives us a lot of new opportunities!  Everyone speaks about digitization and with this, we have to consider our traditional business model. We were a little late to invest in the digital environment, but we have been working extremely hard for the last 2-3 years to catch up with the neglected. We have digitized and optimized the business full speed and we have come a very long way! It has been, and continues to be, an incredibly exciting journey, which has also provided the company with many new and young competent people who will help to ensure that Lene Bjerre becomes a leader in the digital field in our industry!

It is a very exciting journey developing the business to become more digital and thus creating more convenience for our customers. A lot of new systems, that can provide them with all the information they need about a product, whenever they need it are a must! But still, it is very important for us to have the personal contact with our customers, giving them a smiling Lene Bjerre employee on the phone.

Design with focus on sustainability and social responsibility

In addition, we have decided on our new business plan that we will work with sustainability and social responsibility. It is very important to my wife, who, among other things, is very interested in ecology, the environment and human and animal welfare. We only buy organic food and products that promise good human and animal welfare.

It is a long road to become a 100% sustainable business, but it is important to us to make this statement. That we care about the environment and the welfare of humans and animals. My wife and I have even tried to live as vegetarians – it only lasted a month though. I guess I did not have the spine to go all the way. But, ecology, the environment and human and animal welfare is something I value highly.

In addition to the future offering social responsibility, we are also going to invest even more in design. In the future, products must be unique and we must have an even greater share of our very own designs. We are working hard to achieve this already.

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‘Convenience’ is the future keyword

A new and very important word for the future is Convenience! This means that all cooperation with our customers must be as easy and manageable as possible for them. It is a must and it requires good systems both internally and externally. This helps to make an even better cooperation with our customers and bring us closer together, making a great business for both of us. The future will also require us to inspire our customers even more. Stores and showrooms must inspire and give our customers valuable experiences. And so, do our social media etc.  

Last but not least: There must be a purpose, or with a more international word, a mission, that we are constantly aiming for. For us, it is: We create a mood in your room

We want you to feel good wherever Lene Bjerre is part of the room. That being both our products adorning a room, or one of our skilled employees welcoming you to our universe! We strive to create this feeling whenever we are.

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Our story

Since 1975 we have been designing gorgeous products for your home from our base in the northern part of Denmark.


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Lene Bjerre home office in nibe in the northern part of Denmark

Our surroundings

Our home office in the northern part of Denmark is where the Lene Bjerre DNA thrives and where new Lene Bjerre collections are born.


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Suzanne Sand who is the Creative Director at Lene Bjerre Design

Our Creative Director

Suzanne brings a unique combination of a creative mind with a strategic and commercially experience into the Lene Bjerre design and spirit.


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Our CSR strategy

The earth is important - not only for fresh air, clean water and healthy food - also for our minds and souls - and inspiration. 


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