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We are familiar with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The sustainable development goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We do our very best to contribute to them by finding sustainable products or by showing social responsibility. 

When we travel the world looking for inspiration, new products, or new materials to work with, we always have sustainability in mind. It can be the product itself that is sustainable due to the choice of materials or it can be the manufacturing process being sustainable. We are aware that it is not all products where this can succeed, but we do our very best to find sustainable solutions where it is possible. We value textile suppliers that work with hemp and bamboo. When it comes to cotton we aim to use only the best quality produced under sound conditions - organic whenever it is possible.

We are always looking to work with suppliers that are forerunners when talking sustainability - and so many suppliers are also making this one of their core development points.

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Social responsibility

We are very aware of social responsibility when choosing our suppliers, why we have some specific requirements in our code of conduct for our suppliers regarding working conditions, child labor etc. they must sign before making an agreement.

We do not accept child labour! This is one of the most important points in our "code of conduct" - an agreement all of our suppliers must sign before we can start working together. Children should be allowed to be just that, and enjoy carefree days in the sun playing safely.

This is why we are happy to work with several suppliers that contribute to the surrounding community they are based in. We have suppliers that make sure mothers can work from their homes and still take care of the children. They even help make sure that the children of their workers are allowed an education. We will always prioritize a supplier that prioritize social responsibility.   

The environment is important to us and our product design - Learn why: 

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Products made with care

Below you will find examples of products in our assortment, where sustainability or social responsibility occur.
Abiola baskets

Abiola baskets

Our Abiola baskets are made from the sustainable material abaca. Abaca is a rapidly renewable material, which can be harvested in less than a year. The material comes from its tree trunk, upon layer of layer of banana.

The long manufacturing process is usually done by women while taking care of their house and family. All processes of making the baskets are 100% made by hand. 

Mandisa furniture

Mandisa furniture

Our popular Mandisa furniture collection is 100% organic, handmade furniture design made of bamboo, also known as "The golden canes". Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials and grows incredibly fast without help from either pesticides or fertilizers. Due to the fast vegetation, Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than the most typical wood types, which contributes to a positive environmental effect on the reduction of the worlds Co2 emission.

Ratia furniture collection

Ratia furniture

Our characteristic Ratia furniture collection is a handmade beauty made from the sustainable material rattan. Rattan is a fast-growing plant, which makes it one of the most sustainable materials for furniture. The top of the plant is always replanted and can grow immediately after replanting, making the impact on the forest very small. Rattan is both a very strong but also flexible material, which gives an authentic expression.

Emiko side tables

Emiko side tables

Emiko side tables are furniture design of natural art and are processed by hand all the way through by skilful artisans. The table plate of the side tables is a vertical cut piece of an Acacia wood trunk. Acacia is a sustainable species as it is fast growing. Once the tree is cut, another can be planted and will grow rapidly. It is a strong and heavy species, which makes it very suitable for furniture. 

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Odette lanterns & Kura basket set

These Odette lanterns and Kura basket sets are handwoven products made from the sustainable material rattan. Rattan is a fast-growing plant, which makes it one of the most sustainable materials to use within the interiorWhen the rattan has been harvested it is brought to the factory where the large canes are split by machine into the right sizes. Afterwards, skilful artisans weave the rattan carefully by hand. The products are assembled and the finished product is then painted with the right colour and the raw finish is made. All manufacturing processes are made by hand by very experienced weavers.

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Our story

Since 1975 we have been designing gorgeous products for your home from our base in the northern part of Denmark. We live to create a mood in your room - and we design because it is our greatest passion.

We care - about the world, about the nature, about people and we want our brand to represent just that. 

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Our surroundings

We have a mission to always create a mood in your room - turning rooms into homes. 

Our home is where the Lene Bjerre DNA thrives and where new Lene Bjerre collections are born. The light here is special, nature is diverse and our office building reflects the values we have: quality, craftsmanship, contemporary design and "hygge".

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