Luxury Spring | Summer moments

Our new Spring ǀ Summer collection invites you to celebrate new luxury. The luxury of quiet moments and calm spaces, and of familiarity and safety. With a feeling of a new Nordic paradise garden, it invites you to reconnect with your inner spark, and unplug and recharge.
We have worked with nuances of green, rose and blue combined with nature and metallic. Fun little details give our SS18 collection a quirky and honest look. Surfaces and structures have their own lives and give an imperfect and eclectic expression that embraces the ease and naturalness of the collection.
This season we have made up with old habits, and welcome new trends. The Lene Bjerre DNA has been our focal point in the creation of this collection, where the joy of the handmade and self-made comes to life.
We have retreated to a secluded universe where graceful memories and luxury are in focus. Where human and nature, and especially the interaction between the two, is quite essential for this season.
Dea Bamboo Schrank und Glasvasen

A dreamy tale

Honesty, sensory perception and a universe of dreams have formed the framework for this season’s tale. We have created a dreamy collection, that brings us closer to sensuous calm and draws us closer to a mindset based on ethical values.
The SS18 collection represents this season’s trend in the finest way and speaks to the modern and conscious person, who finds pleasure in embracing the beauty of the home.
Lightness, “the imperfect”, and the incidental expression have been our guideline and is reflected in our patterns and choices of materials. This is especially seen on the collection’s textiles, where the motives appear to be painted directly on each cushion with graceful elegance and easy hand.

Trend colours

This season’s trend colours are characterized by dusty green, blue and rose nuances, which meet golden metals and seductive artwork. These colours give the collection a calm, summery, and familiar expression. New trends break through and the well-known and familiar is kept in the most beautiful way. The use of tone-in-tone nuances creates cosiness and provides a comfortable easy-on-the-eye-feeling.

New seasonal must haves

Sarah Blumentöpfe


Our new Sarah flower pots are inspired by Art Deco geometric patterns. They combine modernist style with good craftsmanship and rich materials. The flower pots are made of fibre clay which makes them perfect for outdoor use. Create your own new Nordic paradise garden filling them with beautiful flowers.

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Amera Geschirr aus Keramik


This new tableware design is perfect for the summer table. The rounded organic shapes and the cool grey colour makes it easy to mix and match the Amera collection with other items in your tableware range. You can keep it cool and trendy with rustic cutlery and heavy glasses, or you can give it a romantic touch with fine cutlery and elegant glasses – and lots of flowers.

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Birea Kissen


We love telling stories about our designs. This is the tale of a fancy looking beetle called Birea. The Birea beetle is painted by our very own designer. She uses ink and watercolours to get the perfect look for our little friend. With its graceful details and pride, Birea looks gorgeous both in print and in embroidery.  

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Dealia Sofa mit Kissen


Our gorgeous Dealia couch and chair are handmade by skilled workers, working from home and making a living while taking care of their families. We love the simple Nordic look and can’t wait to unplug and recharge in these fantastic looking pieces of furniture.


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Sarah Blumentöpfe für Außengebrauch

Love for flowers and outdoor spaces

Your outdoor space is like an extra room during spring, summer and the late summer time. This is where you want to spend the days and evenings with family and friends. 
"Create outdoor living with a personal touch"
Jars filled with the season's beautiful flowers and plants can form a garden and create small cosy oases.Gorgeous furniture design can spice up every outdoor space and make it special.The possibilities for decorating the garden and outdoor spaces are endless.
Decorate beautiful spots and add mood lighting with beautiful handmade lanterns, where you can create your own beautiful moments.
Weise Mandisa Möbel mit Kissen und Körben

Sustainable furniture design

With the ambition of creating sustainable furniture design, which is light and practical and at the same time decorative and unique, we have created the characteristic Mandisa bamboo collection. The Mandisa collection consists of 100 % organic, handmade bamboo furniture design and will add the perfect natural touch to your outdoor area.

Our assortment of rustic outdoor flowerpots are designed in Art deco style. Art deco is a style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before World War 1. It is known for beautiful geometric designs. Art Deco has influenced the design of several great buildings, furniture, jewellery - and also our new flower pots. Plant a flower garden anywhere with these gorgeous flowerpots and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Discover our great range of outdoor collections to help make your outdoor space your very own.
Elipse Tischlampe aus gold

Golden metals - a tale of greatness

Golden metals and silver represent our SS18 collection in the finest way. The metals tell a story of greatness and their indestructibility add character and personality to the interior design.
The metallic look reflects this season’s trend in modern interior design, where we increasingly combine and assemble different types of metals in our home. The metals complement the Nordic style perfect, which is typically characterized by minimalism and cool colours and adds warmth and cosiness to the interior design. 
Décor with metals allow you to create a new and exciting expression in your home. Personalize the décor and experiment with both style and expression, whether you are into the raw industrial or the classic and simple style.

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Ostertisch dekoriert mit Eiertöpfe und Pflanzen

Easter 2019

Introducing our Easter 2019 collection full of soft, subtle coloured cuteness. We have added a bunch of new playful, happy and dancing rabbits, that can't help but make you smile.

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Japanisch inspirierte Tisch mit Vasen und einer Geisha

Autumn | Winter 2018

A classic Scandinavian collection created with inspiration from Japanese design and techniques. The Scandinavian and Japanese style creates in splendid interplay, Japandi. 

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Korb mit Weihnachtsgeschenken

Christmas 2018

This Christmas is about remembering our heritage. The quiet and magical moments. The moments with family and loved ones. Creating moments to remember and cherish.

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Korb mit Sommerdeko

High Summer 2018

A classic and stylish collection filled with a truly tropical atmosphere, which emphasizes the perfect summer mood. The collection is a beautiful mix of previous, new and future trends.

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