With our Spring | Summer Collection 2022 we introduce one-of-a-kind and gorgeous interior items, that are thoughtful made by hand and exude calming, minimalistic aesthetics. All the items in our collection have been carefully crafted from lush fabrics and upcycled materials to beautiful, soothing colours and shapes.



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Calming, minimalistic aesthetics 

Our newest collection exude calming, minimalistic aesthetics. Mixed colour hues and soothing prints, glass and marble, upcycled materials in softer forms repurposing waste like plastic bottles to keep them from ending up in the oceans.

We give you living spaces that mimic your profound need to disconnect and have your very own place to quiet down.
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Ease-filled oasis 

We love those soft and subtle colours inspired by the nature surrounding us because it gives an instant sense of calm and purity spread from the heart into every cornor of your being.
Summertime is about slowing down and it is the perfect time to create an ease-filled oasis.Rethink the way you combine new and old, colours and materials.Decorate your home with organic shapes, natural materials, and douche colors - and feel the joy, pleasure and comfort in your home. 

Feeling of calmness and simplicity

The Spring|Summer 2022 collection radiates this feeling of calmness and simplicity. Our skilled designers have gone through an extensive process to infuse the atmosphere of late-night summer evenings into this collection. And we believe that the sound of birds, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the colors of a setting sun manifest itself in the final products.

Once again we have drawn inspiration from the natural elements of our surroundings and we have bend and played with the shapes and figures of nature to fit and brighten up our homes. We invite nature back in and welcome the warming and soothing colors of the flowers forest and skies that surround us and keep us in touch with the earth.

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