In these days of uncertainty, we all seek to find comfort and optimism. We have a desire to feel a sense of familiarity, envelope ourselves in surroundings that ease our minds and vulnerability, yet remaining true to our individuality and today's principles.

With our Spring | Summer Collection 2021 we have taken a glimpse at days past bringing back small pieces of nostalgia, giving a warm welcome back to floral designs and monogram details in the hope of lighting up those small flickers of hope for more carefree days.

So stop - slow down, tune in, look to nature, bring the outdoors in and feel the healing power of the earth.



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Spring Summer 2021 Mood video


Spend time in a soft hammock by the beach - Lene Bjerre Design

Spend time outside under the sun

We love slow living during the summer months. Living by the sea in the summertime is almost magical. The smell of the fresh salty water, subtle flower notes in the wind, sunburned wooden terrace boards, and the sound of bees humming and birds chirping give you an instant mood boost and let the sense of calm and purity spread from the heart and into every corner of your being.
Taking a stroll along the beach and the sandy dunes, cutting wildflowers and grasses for your vases at home, bringing the outdoors in and giving a natural statement to your home is pure summer bliss.
Use different materials in your home decorations - Lene Bjerre Design

Home interior shaped by nature

Mixed colour hues and soothing prints, glass and marble, design mimicking nature in shapes and colours, upcycled materials in softer forms repurposing waste like plastic bottles to keep them from ending up in the oceans bring a natural statement to our newest collection.

Learn more about the materials of our Spring|Summer 2021 collection:

Handwoven rattan

Rattan is a fast-growing and sustainable material. It is also flexible and durable which makes it very suitable for furniture.

Trendy marble

The marble is shaped by skilled artisans. Each block of marble has a different look to it. This makes each home interior item unique and special.

Capiz shells from sandy shores

For many years, capiz shells have been used as a substitute to glass in chandeliers and lamps. The material is great due to its durability and translucence.

Polyserin shaped with love

We still admire the beautiful shape of home decor made of Polyserin.

Decorate with soft textiles like rugs, cushions, and throws - Lene Bjerre Design

Textiles are essentials in a cosy home

This new collection introduces a lot of interesting textiles fabrics.

A rug made of recycled plastic bottles

Would you believe us if we said that our Strielle rug is made of recycled plastic bottles? Well, it is true! We would rather want these plastic bottles in our beautiful rugs instead of it ending up in the ocean.

The Lupinus flower decorates the landscape

Our beautiful throw from the Lupia series is made from 100% cotton and comes with a decorative print in a quilt design. The design is inspired by the colorful Lupinus flower. The ancient botanist Pliny compared the flower sort with the wolf because the plant spreads greedily around in nature. The Lupinus flower comes in many gorgeous colors and gives the landscape a pretty Spring atmosphere!

The harlequin pattern is a favorite of ours

Our design icon Portia is wrapped in the classic harlequin design. Now, you can also get cosmetic bags in this beloved pattern with our Portine series. Create coherency in your bathroom decorations.

A quilt design with the Maise series

Everything from the series are made of the finest cotton. The quilt design is handmade by our skilled producers in India. They have many years of experience in getting the smallest details to the textile.

Flower pots and glass vase are the perfect companions for your wild flowers - Lene Bjerre Design

Peace of mind, worry-free, and complete relaxation

The Spring|Summer 2021 collection radiates this feeling of calmness and tranquility. Our skilled designers have gone through an extensive process to infuse the atmosphere of late-night summer evenings into this collection. And we believe that the sound of birds, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the colors of a setting sun manifest itself in the final products.

Once again we have drawn inspiration from the natural elements of our surroundings and we have bend and played with the shapes and figures of nature to fit and brighten up our homes. We invite nature back in and welcome the warming and soothing colors of the flowers forest and skies that surround us and keep us in touch with the earth.

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