Warm, cosy feelings weaved into extraordinary designs

Late nights on the porch with cosy blankets, the sound of waves hitting the shore and good company. That is, to us at Lene Bjerre, the definition of ‘hygge’, which is the essence of our designs through all seasons of the year – and our SS20 collection is no exception. 

This year we dove into the sea, took a walk on the beach and explored the close-by nature. We found corals, glanced at ripples and felt the water on our sun graced skin. We inhaled the fresh sea air and took in the summer breeze along with incredible flower scents. We buried our feet in the sand and dug up curvy shells. This is the result – this is the seaside experience brought home to you in the shape of classic & feminine design, including luxury interwoven comfort items, impressed shell, pearlescent glass and modern tufting created with traditional handcraft.

Buzzing for the better

It is not a real summer without roadside walks down to the beach while passing by colourful flowers conquered by bees and their iconic buzzing. Everything is in slow-motion. The cars driving by. The birds in the sky. The whirled-up sand. Take in the moment and cherish it. And then think about the bees again.

Because bees are crucial to agriculture around the world, and we want to emphasize the importance of pollination. Our surrounding environment survives without humans, but humans do not survive without our surrounding environment being held to sustainable standards. Bees maintain those standards and help us produce fruits and vegetables.


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SS20 Mood


High quality outdoor furniture on patio

A perfectly natural balance

At Lene Bjerre, we make big decisions with a simple, aesthetic outcome. We imitate nature because nature is the core of everything we know and love – the imperfection of nature is what makes it perfect to us. Shells, corals and pearls all have their unique designs due to natural nurturing over a course of hundreds of years.

Nature always finds a balance. And we want to guide you to an internal balance as well with our feminine, handcrafted classic designs in soft and simple colours that fit any home. Invite summer in by making our transparent, interwoven, ombre and pearlescent designs from our SS20 collection a part of your everyday.


Simple and soft seaside essentials

Deep breaths. Barefooted on the beach. No obstacles in sight. Our new collection aspires to embody the complete relief and seamless living that the seaside is capable of giving us. The simple life that is enhanced by curves, oval shapes and contoured designs you find anywhere on the beach and in the ocean.

Elements of nature are beautifully moulded in these exact shapes over years of comprehensive erosion. Each shell, rock and grain of sand have undergone this unique transformation and each of them has a unique pattern that may resemble something without being entirely identical. And that is the exact same process we go through when we handcraft interior at Lene Bjerre; each product is unique. Enjoy appealing, oval vases, feminine cushions in subtle colours and abstract interior matching any room of the home. 

A plethora of synergy

Energy comes from comfort, and comfort comes from pleasure. We believe that your home should be your number one comfort zone where you can charge your batteries day in and day out, and that is why we aim to create interior that helps you relax and focus. Among our selection of comfort options, you will find contoured basket chairs and interwoven stools with great longevity.

When designs match, synthesis is formed – and it becomes a pleasure to be around and look at. Every single detail and every small item in our collections are specifically chosen to contribute to the wellbeing of the residents. The summer vibe brought home with his collection allows you to recharge with energy extracted from oceans, beaches, flowers and fruits.

Timeless Danish design with personality 

Our collection is based on everything the summerly seaside has to offer, but due to the simplicity of the designs, the longevity of the collection is not reduced to a couple of months of Summer. All of our designs at Lene Bjerre are specifically made in subtle, soft colours and shapes that match most homes all year round.

But that does not make our products bland. In fact, all our handmade designs have that extra little detail that makes them come alive. Small details and unique patterns are the difference between interior being just interior or a part of your home. Discover the feel of home with our rippled, translucent bowls and beautiful, raw tableware.

A passion for craftsmanship and sustainability 

Our goal is to create products that engage, enchant and make you entertain the idea of what quality truly means for you when designing the home of your dreams. Everyone deserves to be able to afford a home rather than just a house – we, therefore, strive to use sustainable materials of high quality without compromising on the fair prices.

We cherish the art of craftsmanship and we strive to incorporate handicraft in the production of our designs. We believe this creates designs with character and a story to tell – this is also how Lene Bjerre started. We are therefore more than delighted to share our Lene Bjerre Design Summer Spring Collection 2020 – a seaside edition.


Spring  | Summer must-haves


Ratia - sustainable and comfortable furniture

Ratia is our series of beautiful sustainable indoor and outdoor furniture made of rattan. In the Spring | Summer 2020 we introduce a new member to the family, a lovely and comfortable hanging chair.

The hanging chair provides the perfect excuse to take a swing and enjoy the late summer evenings with a cosy throw. Create a true oasis of cosiness and wellbeing, while recharging and simply enjoying the moment. Loose track of time and indulge in own thoughts in the organic and curvy shapes of the hanging chair. 

As with the rest of our Ratia series, each hanging chair is handmade, where the curvy sustainable rattan is shaped and formed by hand, by skilled craftsmen which have a long history of creating high-quality furniture. 

Rattan is strong, flexible and durable which make it very suitable for furniture. The material that will have natural variations in colour, which makes each piece of furniture unique. 

Rattan is very sustainable due to its fast-growing capabilities and it can be harvested without damaging surrounding forests.


Gardia - classic outdoor furniture

In the Spring | Summer 2020 we introduce a brand new outdoor furniture series - Gardia. The Gardia outdoor furniture series creates a fresh garden atmosphere, with its classic & feminine design. The series consists of everything which is needed to create a garden oasis. It features chairs, benches, tables, and a shelf.

The Gardia series is great for the late evening dinners along with friends and family or watching the sun rising with an early morning coffee. No matter the occasion, Gardia is suitable for both the garden, terrace, or patio.

The outdoor furniture is made of high-quality iron and painted with a mat finish in the colours racing green and black. Gardia is powder-coated, which gives a clean painted surface and makes the furniture very durable as well. This process is also a more sustainable approach of painting, due to the powder which is not absorbed on the furniture, can be recycled for other purposes later on and the process doesn't require any solvents.  

As with other of our outdoor furniture, Gardia matches with our broad range of high-quality and comfortable cushions. Whereas we have made Garmine, which is the perfect companion.  

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