A fusion of Scandinavian design with a touch of african vibes

Africa is a beautiful and exotic continent, with a rich cultural heritage and is characterized by its unique interior design. We have taken the African culture to heart when designing this new collection. The touch of African vibes is expressed in a distinct simplicity and distinctive aesthetics and is a fine combination of the classic Lene Bjerre style and elements from the African interior trend, by not exaggerating the African elements. The collection will bring character, warm colour nuances and a sense of luxury into our homes. With its intense colours and natural materials, it is a style that can be as bold or as bare as you like. 


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A touch of Africa

The expression in our new spring | summer collection is characterized by a fusion of decorative prints, warm colours and raw textures, which symbolize the Scandinavian interior style in a fine interplay with authentic African design. The African touch is more electric than traditional African interiors and beautifully highlights the Scandinavian style. We embrace the love of the natural and handmade design and products are designed to create a warm and inviting mood in your interior design. This love is expressed in a wonderful mix of different materials and textures.  

A global tendency we see today is, that we rebel against the cool and white Scandinavian look and want to bring warm organic colours and materials into our homes. Modern decor in an African inspired style is not about crowding the home with African element everywhere. Its all about finding the special elements that create harmony, personality and warmth. 


Warm and soft nuances

Imagine the sunset above Africa's savannah, filling the low coastal plains with a warm glow and slowly disappearing behind the horizon. Keep this picture in mind as you discover our new spring | summer collection. A collection inspired by African colours and patterns, earthly shades of clay and terracotta in orange, red and brown. All these colours in a combination with bright and simple elements create a unique and breathtaking space.

This season we have worked with African and ethnic-inspired colour nuances in a fine combination with classic bright colours as we know from earlier collections. The dark warm colours shield us from our stressed everyday life, as they create calmness, pressure and warmth.

African inspired decor is characterized by a combination of dark and bright shades. With the African vibes, warmer shades have found their way into our new collection. Colours inspired by African nature and cultures like our new Mecca Orange, Spruce yellow, Dusty Pink and Baked Clay are all key colours for this summer. 

SS19 must haves:


Ratia chair

This season we are proud to present our new Ratia chair. The chair is designed with inspiration from the old classic "Peacock chair", which is a historical icon from the colonial era. In the early 1600s, European colonists brought beautifully woven products and furniture made of rattan from locations in Southeast Asia, but it wasn't before the 20th century that the peacock chair made its way to the United States. 

Our Ratia chair is handmade in rattan in a fine natural vintage finish and woven by skilful artisans. The chair adds both soul and a luxury touch to the interior design. 

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Mandisa daybed

The origin of the daybed takes us back to the ancient Roma, Greece and Egypt in the post-war era. They became particularly popular among designers and furniture architects and were often associated with wealth and luxury. Today daybeds are for everyone and is a thousand-year tribute to relaxation. Daybeds are not only beautiful and trendy but also functional and can be used in several rooms. 

When it comes to modern interior design, a daybed is a must have. With a daybed in your home, you will create more space for relaxation and quality of life.  

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Zebia cushion

The Zebra is an aesthetic and feminine animal and symbolizes the free and wild spirit that lives in everyone. At the same time, zebras always stick to their herd, which is a symbol of community, protection and family. 

The cushion is made with a beautiful digital print in velvet, which still is one of the most trendy materials in modern interior design. Velour adds a soft texture and arouses our tactile senses. 

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Sarah vase

Our new Sarah vase is a reinterpretation of our classic Sarah vase. This decorative vase is inspired by Art Deco, which during its heyday, represented luxury and glamour.

The vase is mouth blown by skilled artisans, who carefully work as a team, gathering the molten glass from the furnace to craft each individual piece. The glass is blown in the traditional way with a hollow iron pipe. 

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Explore, touch and sense

Due to a rapidly expanding technological community, we as humans long for stimulation our tactile sense. The tactile sense makes us want to explore, touch and sense, which attracts our attention in a new and different way. In this collection, we have worked with this sense by breaking surfaces and getting our hands to stop and get curious about the products. Due to the fusion across different cultures and because we love the opportunity to travel around the world and revel in different cultures and styles, we found our inspiration for this collection. 

We love making our home a comfortable place. That special feeling coming home to your very own space - a space you have created to reflect your own personality and style - is amazing. Bringing your home to life through items that tell a little something about you. Let your home decor show whether you have a bold and edgy style with colourful statement pieces, or if you have a more laid back, calm style. 

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Interior trend 2019: African vibes

Africa is a beautiful and exotic continent, with a rich cultural heritage and is characterized by unique interior design.

Imagine the sunset above Africa's savannah, filling the low coastal plains with a warm glow and slowly disappearing behind the horizon. Keep this picture in mind if you want to decorate in an African inspired style.

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