A classic and playful interior collection

Easter is a great opportunity to welcome the first signs of spring and embrace the brighter and warmer days.  It is also a great opportunity to decorate for the coming season and add a personal, playful and cosy touch to the interior decor. We characterize this Easter collection as: "When classic & feminine design turns playful".

- The shapes are curvy and soft.  
- The colours are bright and warm. 
- The materials are light and spacious.
- The design is as playful, as they are decorative.

All these beautiful attributes are joined to create a perfect Lene Bjerre Easter. As always our effort is to create designs and interior, which creates a mood and turns a house into a home. Easter is a fantastic season to decorate the interior with detailed, cosy and playful interior.

As with all other of our collections, we work tirelessly with creating unique details on each item. The Easter 2020 collection features many well-thought details, making the design just perfect.

  • There is a cushion with closely sewed small cotton balls along the edge that adds a special touch and feel to the cushion.
  • There is an amazing detailed votive shaped with flowers and birds to symbolize the coming spring.
  • How about high-quality napkins with detailed prints of feathers, just waiting to be placed on the dinner table.
  • Become mesmerized by the details on our home decoration Easter figurines. A rabbit with a bowtie, what's not to like?
  • Mouthblown ornaments containing carefully placed feathers, in the perfect Easter colour. Use the ornament on a branch to create the perfect Easter wreath.
  • Sturdy and beautiful glass egg-shaped home decoration. The cloudy coloured glass creates a lifelike mood with its breathtaking design.

We always take great pride in the details in every aspect of our design. Details create personality and character, which again creates a mood. Take some time to explore the beauty in the details and explore the Easter 2020 collection. 


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Easter ornaments in a glass vase

Detailed Easter ornaments

Ornaments are a fantastic and cosy way to embrace the spirit of Easter. Ornaments can be used for several interior decoration purposes, both going bombastic with large and extravagant settings to the small and minimal arrangements. 

Create a wreath filled with the joy of Easter with ornaments in different colours, materials and shapes. Or how about a simple arrangement of branches in a vase, could also be a great and minimal way to celebrate Easter.

The beauty of ornaments is that they can be combined with other ornaments to create the desired look which matches any style or personality. Our range of ornaments ranges from different materials in porcelain, polyresin or glass.

Our Easter ornament range comes in a multitude of designs, some can be faded, clear, a figurine, different colours, different patterns, different shapes and much more. 


Cosy Easter figurines

Our Semina home decoration series consists of a broad range of Easter figurines from rabbits, bunnies, lambs and chickens. Every animal associated with Easter. 

These Easter figurines are great to get a smile on everyone’s lips when decorating for Easter. Use the figurines for simple arrangements in the windowsill or make the entire interior in a home playful, by hiding small Easter figurines throughout the house, just waiting to be found. 

The Easter figurines are very detailed from nuances in the fur to the clothes the figurines are wearing, as a bowtie, a hat, a cane and much more. 

The Easter figurine goes well with votives, Easter eggs and other decorative items from Lene Bjerre Easter collection. 

Easter must-haves

Easter home decoration on windowsill

Murina home decoration

We are proud to introduce our brand new Murina series consisting of incredible decorative egg-shaped glass. Murina is perfect for decorating the windowsill, console or the dinner table, where it functions as a true eyecatcher and centre of attention.

The series comes in either cloudy black or cloudy white glass, where each of them is truly unique. The clouded glass makes the decoration come to life, with its soft, organic and lifelike shapes. It invites to be felt, touched and interacted with. It attracts interaction. 

The Murina glass series is also multifunctional as they can be used for creating different decorations inside the glass, where only one's imagination sets the boundaries. Make small decorations and arrangements inside the glass with artificial plants or figurines - this way it creates a beautiful and playful approach to Easter. 

Easter decoration and candlesticks on golden trolley

Semina Easter rabbits

What states Easter more than cosy and playful Easter rabbits?

Bring Easter into a home with these decorative rabbits in an authentic design. These adorable Easter rabbits are designed in white with beautiful golden ears as a perfect detail. The rabbits are made of polyresin, a material that enables very detailed design. 

The design of the products in the Semina series are kept in a stylish and exclusive design, but yet cosy design.

In love with our new Easter 2020 collection?

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